6 Common Vagina Myths Debunked

There is a complete double standard in our understanding of male reproductive organs versus female ones.

Maybe it’s easy to write off our body parts as too complex and our peaks as matters of chance, but the reality is this: my box isn’t complicated, and neither is yours.

But do you know what is complicated? All of the crazy rumors that seem to surround our lady bits based on what other people — largely men — seem to think they know about a woman’s body.

It’s easy to get caught up in that shit, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to school you and the dudes who may be reading this on the truth about our flowers.

1. The female peak is elusive or hard to come by.

Sure it can be more difficult to have an orgasm as a woman, but this is probably more because guys don’t know their way around a vagina and has nothing to do with you. Studies  even show that lesbians have way more orgasms.

The G-Spot, a single zone within the vagina that if located will allegedly cause a woman to ejaculate, isn’t even backed up by science but manages to be part of our every day vocabulary. In fact, 80% of women have issues with orgasming from penetrative sex alone, proving that dicks aren’t magical like guys think they are, and which brings me to my next point…

2. Hooking Up is entering.

The button is not just a pea-sized nub sitting above the vulva, like many people suggest.

In 2009, French researcher Odile Fillod created a effective 3D model of the button that has since been distributed using 3D printing technology. This model shows us once and for all what our buttons look like. Turns out, it’s a long wishbone-shaped organ that extends internally and then wraps around the box.

Having a better understanding of the clitoris helps us to learn why penetrative sex can lead to orgasm – because it isn’t the result of someone finding our made up G-spot, but rather because we are capable of external and internal clitoral orgasms. With only 25% of women consistently orgasming during vaginal-only sex, maybe we need to start re-thinking how we look at intercourse?

3. Sprinkling is the ultimate female peak.

Squirting is often treated like the great indicator of female ejaculation. Men swell up with pride when their lovemaking partner manages to squirt, and will convince you that you’ve never squirted because you’ve never been with a lover as skilled as them, LOL. So what gives?

Not everyone squirts, period. Some people do, some people don’t. Who really gives a fuck? Maybe guys should stop being so concerned about a clear liquid ejaculate that they’ve seen (faked a majority of the time) in porn and be more concerned with actually making you feel good, just a thought.

4. If you do too many guys, your box will get loose.

If you’re a heterosexual woman in 2016, you’ve definitely heard a man say something to the effect of, “doing her would be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.”

People love to claim that a woman’s “mileage” affects how a man feels inside of her, even though studies show that tightness is really just an indication that a woman isn’t turned on.

Weird how we’ve managed to make doing it where a woman is not aroused into a cultural norm.

5. You need to clean your box.

Earlier this summer, the “panty challenge” found its way to the internet, asking women to share photos of their pulled down underwear to make some type of statement about their health.

Thankfully, women weren’t playing that game. We all know the everyday experience of being a woman includes a little healthy discharge. Still, with products like douches,  detoxes, and feminine wash – which aren’t necessarily good for you – it seems like even women have forgotten that the vagina cleans itself.

I’m so sick of people praising products because, “If she don’t use Summer’s Eve, she not the one for you, bro.” If her vagina isn’t regularly cleaning itself – a.k.a discharging – she should seek medical attention. Otherwise, you don’t need anything.

6. If your hymen is gone it means you’re not a virgin.

Have you ever heard about parents who legit checked their daughter’s hymen to ensure that she hadn’t done it? First off, this is messed up on so many levels. Second off, the hymen isn’t that accurate of an indicator of a girl’s virginity.

It’s rare, but possible for a girl to be born without a hymen. It’s also much less rare for a girl to “pop her cherry” by doing something simple like riding a horse or participating in gymnastics.

Moreover, if a dude can’t even find your button, why is he so worried about your hymen and/or virginity?

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