How Do We Achieve Orgasms?

While a male orgasm is a daily occurrence not worth noting, the female orgasm has been a hot topic of debate for some time now. Whether you’re having one, faking one, or trying to figure out how to have one, our orgasms are apparently harder to achieve than mens, which is why they are all the more important.

For lots of us ladies who aren’t having orgasms, we get worried. Why aren’t we having them? Is something wrong with us? Is our lover not as great as we thought he was? Why aren’t the tips we read in Cosmo working?


New scientific research has proved that we should be worrying less- and playing with our clitoris more.

Originally, scientists had classified female orgasms in different categories: vaginal, clitoral, G-spot. New work published by the Clinical Anatomy journal debunks these previously believed theories and states that the female orgasm is a female orgasm. How one is achieved is based on the woman and her body.


While the G-spot orgasm isn’t completely impossible, research has showed that many women may not even have this mythical “G-spot,” and their real pleasure point depends on their clitoris. Obviously, penetration is important too. But, if you are having trouble reaching the big O, direct your mans hands to your clit during sex. Better yet, play with your own clit if you’re in a position where that’s possible. That way, you can control your own orgasm, and turn on your guy simultaneously as he watches you play with yourself.


Stop wasting your time analyzing and classifying your orgasms, and start having them. Like, right now.

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