New Penis Size Study Proves That Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Is it the size of the boat, or the motion in the ocean? How big is too big? How small is too small? What is the true average size of the American male’s penis?

Men and women alike love to talk about dicks, but researchers from UCLA and The University of New Mexico decided to use some 3D printed dicks to find out what women really want in a penis, and the results may surprise you.

The study consisted of 100 women who viewed 75 photos of erect penises (talk about dick overload). After narrowing the 75 down to 33 members, the researchers printed out the dicks’ dimensions onto blue plastic (to eliminate racial bias) using a 3D printer. The researchers then had the women sort the dicks into two categories; ones they’d prefer on a long term partner vs. ones they’d prefer for a one night stand.

We’re not quite sure what the difference is between dick preference on a boyfriend vs. fuck buddy, maybe you want a big dick every once in a while, but not on a long term partner? Regardless, the results showed that in a long term relationship, women preferred a dick that measured 6.3 inches long and had a circumference of 4.8 inches. For a one night stand, women desired a dick that measured 6.4 inches and had a circumference of 5 inches.

Turns out that there isn’t too much of a difference between the type of dicks that women prefer one night only vs. on the regular, but the desired size might surprise the dudes who “claim” to have eight-inchers. Newsflash: the average dude has a five inch dick while erect, and girls seem to be perfectly content with that considering that their ideal penis is only about an inch larger than the average.

But just like guys don’t really care about titty size that much, we don’t really care about dick size all that much. Give us any dude who actually texts us back and brings us Chipotle every once in a while and we’ll be pretty damn happy, regardless of his dick size.

Photo via Evolve Male Clinic

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