The 13 Most Relevant Foods Of 2016

2016 was a super interesting year for food. On one hand, it was a year when every restaurant server became annoyed with customers asking for a gluten-free menu. On the other hand, it’s the year Taco Bell excited fans by creating a fast-food themed Airbnb.

While some of the most buzz-worthy foods were vegan, gluten-free, and low-fat, the other buzz-worthy foods were a calorie-laden heart attack waiting to happen.

But hey, it’s all about moderation, right?

1. Acai Bowls

Yes, acai bowls are pretty. But while every fitness blogger started hawking these things like the next weight loss solution, we soon realized that acai bowls are basically just a fancy name for a giant smoothie with high-calorie toppings. Classic mistake.

2. Rainbow Bagels

Do they taste any different from regular bagels? No. Are you willing to pay an extra dollar or two for it? Of course you are. But rainbow bagels were just the tip of the iceberg. Soon we saw rainbow grilled cheeses, coffee, and sushi. You know, other ridiculously colorful things you definitely didn’t need.

3. Cheetos

Honestly, it’s about time that people started appreciating the beauty of this puffed “cheese” snack, particularly the spicy variety. Sure, Cheetos completely wreck your hands with orange powder, but it’s totally worth it, right? Honestly, the above image could not accurately represent 2016’s relationship with food better: people with ridic bodies bragging about their love for junk food. Ah, the irony.

4. Black Tap Milkshakes

Whoever came up with this idea must have had social media in mind. I mean sure, ice cream topped with a shitload of junky toppings sounds delicious, but these milkshakes were made to go viral. Are they good? Yeah, def. But they’re much easier to snap a selfie with then they are to actually eat, trust me.

5. Rolled Ice Cream

Getting chilly with some rolled ice. Check the blog for my review!

A photo posted by Ashley Uzer (@loxandleather) on

Adopted from traditional Thai rolled ice cream, this treat is another trend that people became obsessed with via shared videos of the makers rolling the ice cream on social media platforms. Like the rainbow bagels, rolled ice cream doesn’t actually taste any different from regular ice cream, but it’s much more photogenic.

6. Poke

Like sushi, but way easier to shovel into your mouth. The original dish, made popular in Hawaii, is lower in calories than sushi, since it doesn’t include rice. But many NYC spots that sell “poke” have added rice right in and made the delicacy more reminiscent of a Chipotle burrito bowl.

7. This Kardashian Approved Salad Spot

@healthnutla @khloekardashian eating lunch next to the kardashians. #KUWTK #kocktailswithkhloe #khloekardashian

A photo posted by Emily Newton (@emilykara) on

The Health Nut can be seen on every fucking episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so naturally, it’s about as famous as Rob Kardashian. Kardashian and Jenner fans make pilgrimages to the Calabasas salad spot, and they make sure to snap selfies while they’re there.

8. Gigi’s Fave Burger Spot, JG Melon

Either Gigi has some low-key sponsorship deal with this NYC burger chain, or she is just really backing her “I eat gluten, meat, and dairy everyday” brand. Either way, I’m sure devoted fans have stopped in for a burger in her honor.

9. By Chloe

So in love with all the food from @eatbychloe! Can’t go wrong here! 😛😃#LikeFoodNewYork | 📸: @andreahhhhh

A photo posted by New York Food Curator (@likefoodnewyork) on

Every vegan will proudly share photos of their By Chloe food to show the haters that vegan food can be delicious and “normal.” Every hater will say that By Chloe is junk food for healthy people. Whatever your feelings, it was the talk of the town at NYFW, and with every blogger who gives a fuck about food.

10. The Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake and coffee? Don’t mind if we do, @pics_by_chaca 🍰 ☕️

A photo posted by The Cheesecake Factory (@cheesecakefactory) on

Thanks to Drake, The Cheesecake Factory is suddenly everybody’s favorite place to shout out. And fight at.

11. Red Lobster

제가 다 먹을게요 🙌 #RedLobster #GrandSeafoodFeast #NYStripRockLobsterTail #RockLobsterTail

A photo posted by Easy come, easy go. (@h_dinging) on

Did you know that the original line in the iconic Beyonce song said “Margiela” instead of “Red Lobster,” and Bey changed it cuz she’s just that chill? Well, now you do.

12. KFC

Kylie tried KFC for the first time this year, which is reason enough for KFC to make the list, not to mention the fact that their fried chicken is fucking delicious.

13. Taco Bell

Tacos are the new pizza, and everybody is suddenly all about Taco Bell. When you see their merch, you’ll understand why.

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