10 Gifts For The Fast Food Obsessed

Amidst the trends of people hitting spin class and going paleo, there are also those of us (myself included) that are suddenly embracing our love for fast food.

If you’re one of these people, or you know someone that is, these gift ideas will have them more excited than when they hear about Starbucks’ holiday menu.

1. This Retro Wall Art

Why have some lame poster of Justin Bieber when you could have this classic and timeless poster of the big mac?

2. These Sexy Flash Tats

If you’re more of a subtle Taco Bell lover but still want to get edgy, these flash tats could not be more perfect.

3. This Relatable AF Phone Case

Tragic. Beautiful. Timeless.

4. These Subtle Odes To Taco Bae

Since when did Taco Bell get so stylish? From afar, someone may think that the rings spell out your boo’s name. Little do they know, Taco Bell is your actual bae.

5. This Trendy Ass KFC Scrunchie

Capitalizing on a 90s trend while also paying homage to your fave fried chicken joint? Sign us up.

6. This Secretly Fancy Mug

It’s almost exactly like the classic styrofoam cup you get at Dunkin’, except reusable and better for the environment!

7. This Cozy Starbucks Bear

You can’t cuddle with a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, but you can cuddle with this bear.

8. This Blessed Hoodie

Because honestly, it’s hard not to feel blessed when you dip Papa John’s pizza into their signature garlic sauce.

9. This Blizzard Scarf For The Blizzards

Punny perfection.

10. This Lipgloss That Be Poppin’

Practical and cute! Who doesn’t need some extra lip balm in the winter? Especially when it’s frosty flavored.

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