Sorry, But Your Spin Class Might Be Ruining Your Sex Life

I never understood the obsession with SoulCycle.

Sure, I’ve never tried SoulCycle, but I’ve tried plenty of spin classes. They weren’t the worst, but I could never imagine paying $30 a class just to bruise my inner thighs and only get a lower body workout.

Well, it turns out spin classes might be doing more harm than draining your wallet and causing chafing. In fact, spending too much time on a bike might also desensitize your vagina, which is horrible news for anyone who enjoys sex.

This fun tidbit of information comes from research published on the US National Library of Medicine.

We could say that we’re surprised, but we’re really not. I mean, when’s the last time you sat on a bike and thought, “gee, this feels great on my vag!” Yeah… probably never.

If it makes you feel any better, dudes suffer genital problems from biking too much also, and the study notes that cycling is associated with genital neuropathies (damage to the nerves in the genitals) and erectile dysfunction in dudes.

Obviously, most of the study focuses on men because their orgasms are necessary for producing babies, and the world doesn’t care about the female orgasm. But we do, and we’re telling you that you should chill on your SoulCycle obsession.

Seriously, I get that spin classes are healthy, but so are orgasms. And if you’re trying to burn calories, running burns way more calories and won’t hurt your vag. Plus, it’s free!

If you really love your spin class, by all means keep doing it, just try to lay off of biking too much if you want to keep having amazing orgasms. The women in the study were biking 10 miles per week, so figure out how much you’re doing and see if you’re in danger of entering sad-vag territory or not.

In the mean time, here’s a great reason to skip the gym and just have sex instead.

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