McDonald’s Is Making Chocolate Pumpkin French Fries

Three of the best things in the world are chocolate, pumpkin flavoring, and McDonald’s French fries. And McDonald’s is combining all three of those things in honor of Halloween.

Yes, McDonald’s has announced that from Sept. 18 to Oct. 31, drunk and sober customers alike will have the option to drench their succulent fries in chocolate and pumpkin-flavored syrups.

The only sucky part: these fries will apparently only be available in Japan.

Everyone knows salty and sweet is low-key the best and classiest flavor combo known to man. This is truly the dessert we all need right now, as we’re all still reeling not only from horrible current events, a terrifying election cycle, and a monthlong Mercury retrograde.

What the world needs now is pumpkin fries, sweet pumpkin fries. These pumpkin fries, which we can only assume are gluten freeneed to be made available in the U.S. stat. McDonald’s: please hear our prayers.

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