Girls Are Now Making Instagram Pilgrimages to the Kardashians’ Favorite Salad Spot

The Kardashians are masters of the mundane. Thanks to their TV empire, we have grown addicted to watching them eat, sleep, go to the doctor’s office, and get laser hair removal, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So it makes sense that fans of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” are traveling to the sisters’ favorite salad spot as if it were Mecca for reality TV obsessives.

The Kardashians can be seen eating salads from The Health Nut approximately 950 times per season of their show. The Calabasas lunch spot serves up “clean eating”-friendly mélanges similar to what you’d find at Chop’t in New York City. And the TV-watching public has taken notice. Page Six spotlighted Health Nut. Glamour did something on the salad spot. Even Complex is on the case.

So it’s no surprise that like Elvis fans journeying to Graceland, KUWTK lovers are heading to Health Nut and then Instagramming their salads. It’s like if “The Canterbury Tales” were set in 2016 and even more boring!

Let’s take a look at some of the pics.

1. “These Aren’t Just Any Salads”

2. Thanks For the Personal Recommendation, Kim bb

3. “Kardashian For a Day” Is the Theme of My Next Birthday

Kardashians for the day! #healthnut #chinesechickensalad #chefspecial #calabasas #icemangogreentini @alexxayutuc

A photo posted by its_dianeeee (@its_dianeeee) on

4. Option B: “Feeling Like a Kardashian for the Day”

5. Yeah Jenna, Sorry.

Lunch with Venessa Kardashian #thehealthnut #calabasas #sorryjenna

A photo posted by GenessaGreco (@genessagreco) on

6. Always Properly Brand Your Health Nut Salad Photos

7. Why Stop Today? Lunch Like a Kardashian Every Day

Lunching like a Kardashian today. LOL 🙋🏻🙆🏻💁🏻

A photo posted by Betty Jean VK (@bettyjeanvk) on

8. Great Motto: “If It’s Good Enough For the Kardashians It’s Good Enough for Me”

9. “@KhloeKardashian420” = Username Goals

Eating the salad the kardashians always eat. Chef Salad from @healthnutla 😋☺️💚💕💖

A photo posted by @khloekardashian420 on

10. Can’t Resist the Hashtag

#healthnut #kardashian style lunch 💅

A photo posted by @juling15 on

11. Sharing the Wealth

12. And of course, the Holy Grail: a pic with Khloé.

@healthnutla @khloekardashian eating lunch next to the kardashians. #KUWTK #kocktailswithkhloe #khloekardashian

A photo posted by Emily Newton (@emilykara) on

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