You Can Now Rent a Taco Bell on Airbnb

There’s no doubt in our minds that tacos are the new pizza. Pretty soon you’ll see punny taco tank tops everywhere and skinny girls professing their adorably relatable love for tacos via Instagram on the daily.

But if you really want to prove that you were a true taco fan before it was trendy, you need to have a sleepover in a Taco Bell.

Okay, that sounds fucking disgusting, right? Most of us won’t even use the toilets at a fast food restaurant, let alone sleep in one.

But don’t worry, we’re not talking about just any Taco Bell, we’re talking about a specific Taco Bell that’s actually being converted into an Airbnb.

The Taco Bell in question is located in Ontario, Canada (sorry Americans), and the restaurant will be transformed into a hotel room for one lucky winner.

The restaurant-turned-Airbnb will have four beds, big screen TVs, video games, and even a Taco Bell butler to tend to all your special taco needs throughout your one night stay.

Unfortunately, the contest is only open to residents of Canada, and we’re pretty sure transportation isn’t included.

But the whole point of the sweepstakes is to promote Taco Bell’s Steak Doubledilla. So even if you can’t sleep in the luxury of a Taco Bell themed bedroom, you can drunk eat a Steak Doubledilla sometime in the near future.

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