Airbnb Donated This $25M Penthouse to Kim & Kanye For the Week

As we all know, the best way to get incredibly luxurious things for free is to be rich and famous. Kim and Kanye are really hammering that point home for us right now as they wile away the week in a $25 million penthouse for free. FREE!

The stay has been donated to Mr. and Mrs. West by Airbnb, TMZ reports. Normally, the 7,200 square foot rental goes for $10,000 a night. This place is so nice that there’s a kitchen outside. Most NYC apartments barely even have a kitchen inside.

Here is a video of Kim doing her sexiest bedroom vocal fry, all about the rental.

“Just waking up to the most amazing Airbnb,” she croaks. “Thank you so much for this complimentary stay here in New York. Obsessed.”

We’re obsessed, too! This freaking place comes with a rooftop pool and a teepee for North to sit with her iPad and wait for her life to start, instead of her usual garage floor perch.

There’s a home gym for Kim to continue her extensively Snapchatted weight loss journey.

Some sort of rooftop bed pod for spooning and laughing at the thought of poor people.

A tonal living room, because colors are gauche.

A future potty.

Dining room chairs that look like they’re made of an outer space mixture of slate and crushed velvet.

Even a separate section of the roof deck that looks like the top of the Standard!

Between this and their extended stay in Kris Jenner’s house, I think we can all agree that Kim and Kanye are the ultimate scammers when it comes to getting out of paying rent. I salute them.

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