North West Spends Her Mornings in the Garage Watching YouTube

Yesterday morning, Kim Kardashian posted a Snapchat featuring her and North West that really got me thinking.

The video starts off just like any other early morning Kimmy snap: an image of Kim’s face overlaid with a flattering filter.

The timestamp reads 7:22 a.m., which could be considered an ungodly hour for pretty much anybody under the age of 24, but is otherwise a perfectly normal time to be up and functioning.

“So my early morning weekends consist of me being in the garage,” Kim K coos, turning the camera towards the space behind her, she explains, “and this little one is watching YouTube.”

Cut to an image of North West sitting on the concrete in front of a computer, with a blanket over her lap, neither visibly happy, enthralled, or very interested in whatever she happens to be watching.

She’s basically the 3-year-old equivalent to how you look like when you’re too lazy to stop your computer from auto-playing the next episode of whatever garbage TV show you just watch when there’s nothing better to do, even though you kind of hate it.


Guess you’re never too young to fall victim to the numbing pleasures of a YouTube black hole.

Welcome to adulthood, Nori.

It’s really fun.

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