Apple Finally Gives Us The Taco Emoji, Plus 180 More

Just when you thought that watching the video for Hotline Bling was the most exciting thing to go down on your Iphone this week, Apple went ahead and finally #blessed us with over 180 new Emojis for all of our texting and sexting needs. Along with the aforementioned taco emoji we get a much needed middle finger, a popped bottle of champagne, a unicorn, a spock hand, and a hot dog, among many others to illustrate your juiciest correspondence. You can see the full list here and start plotting your next textual masterpiece. Do with them as you wish, all you have to do is download the OS9.1 update that’s available now, just go to settings >> general >>software update and install!

galore_mag_new emojis

Images via Yung Jake 

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