The Top 9 Places for Drunk Eating in Philly

Philadelphia might be known for cheesesteaks, but that doesn’t mean that greasy meat and Cheez Wiz are your only options for dank late night eats. Although there’s no denying that cheese and meat are exactly what you’re craving when you’re hammered, maybe throw some gluten in for good measure.

We’ve highlighted the best places in Philly for you to pig out after hours, because everyone knows that calories don’t count after 2 a.m.

1. Bonchon Chicken


This chinatown restaurant specializes in Korean fried chicken and is open until 2 a.m., which means that you’ll make it just in time if you leave the bar a little early. Bonchon is also right by The Trocadero concert venue, so this seems like an awesome after-party for your mouth.

2. David’s Mai Lai Wah

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Another Chinatown spot for late night eats, David’s is open until 3 in case you find yourself staying out until closing time. The food is not going to be the best Chinese you’ve ever had, but just like your drunk eyes have lower standards when choosing who to make-out with at 2 a.m., your drunk mouth will have lower standards for what it’s down to eat at 2 a.m. Besides, General Tso’s is General Tso’s, right?

3. Little Pete’s


Little Pete’s is one of few Philly joints that is open 24/7. Because of their awesome hours and Philly’s love for this place, it can get packed late at night. But better to wait a little while for a chicken parm sub at 3 a.m. then go to bed with no food at all, right?

4. California Pizza


No, this is not California Pizza Kitchen. This California Pizza, known as “Cali” by University City locals, is one of those places that you probs wouldn’t eat when you’re sober, but is the best thing in the world when you’re drunk. Their Cali fries, which are essentially cheese fries with pizza toppings, will make you want to leave the bar at 1 a.m. just to munch on them in your bed.

5. Pho 20


Okay, so a big bowl of soup isn’t what everybody wants when it’s late at night and they’re hammered, but some people do. Plus, you’ll prob be too drunk to finish it and get to wake up hungover to leftovers. Pho 20 is in Chinatown, but they’re also on Grubhub if you wanna go straight back to your apartment and take off your bra ASAP.

6. PWS


A favorite of drunk college kids at Drexel University, PWS (which stands for pizza, wings, and steaks), has all three items for your drunchie enjoyment. Their big daddy pizza won’t buy you Louboutins, but it will satisfy you with it’s fucking delicious fried chicken and ranch toppings. They have other fun flavors like mac and cheese pizza and chicken parm, and if you’re into drunk frat dudes you may just meet bae while ordering. PWB’s is also right next to Cali Pizza, so you can pick your poison based on which line is longer or how much money you want to spend (Cali is cheaper).

7. Khyber Pass Pub

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Khyber Pass doesn’t exactly look like a place where you would want to eat from the outside, but once you see their menu and taste their food you’ll change your mind. Being in old city, it’s already near your usual going out spot, and you can continue drinking while you eat as long as you’re there before 2. The staff is also super nice, so don’t come in here being a drunk asshole please.

8. Philip’s Steaks


If you’re craving a Philly cheesesteak in your patriotic drunk stupor, don’t worry, Philip’s Steaks is open 24 hours a day. For you non-locals, it’s way better and less touristy than Pat’s or Geno’s.

9. Silk City Diner

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Silk City looks cool af (in a hipster way) from the outside, and smells lit af on the inside. What else would you expect from Northern Liberties? It’s open until 2 and serves everything from pork belly empanadas (above) to cilantro-spiced fried calamari. What a great way to take a break from your nightly 2 a.m. pizza binge.

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