6 Reasons Why High Sex Is Officially Better Than Drunk Sex

There are a few times when getting tipsy before getting freaky results in passion, but more often than not, drunk sex is sloppy, unsatisfying, and potentially risky.

High sex on the other hand seems to be the one occasion where even non-stoners are actually down to smoke.

If you ever debated which type of sex was better, high vs. drunk, a new study has been released to confirm what you probably already knew: high sex takes the cake.

1. Weed Keeps Your Standards High

Most of us have at least made-out with a questionable rando while drunk off our asses. But when we’re high, the lower-standards phenomenon is mostly non-existent.

In the study, respondents “overwhelmingly reported that alcohol use was more likely to (negatively) affect the partners they chose,” which shouldn’t really be a surprise. After all, they’re called “drunk goggles,” not “high goggles.”

2. High Sex With No Regrets

Going along with the lowered standards with alcohol, survey respondents associated drunk sex with regret.

“Both males and females commonly reported that regret, shame and embarrassment were associated with alcohol use, but this was rarely reported for marijuana,” explained the study.

3. Pot For Pleasure

Most of us probably don’t associate drunk sex with mind-blowing orgasms, and this might be because alcohol is known to numb sensations. Even if chicks don’t get whiskey dick, it doesn’t mean that our sexual prowess isn’t affected by 10 tequila shots.

On the contrary, weed actually is known to enhance feelings of pleasure.

4. You Might Be Safer Having High Sex

The majority of survey respondents viewed drunk sex as riskier than high sex, and you can imagine why. In the study, people admitted that forgetting to use a condom or engaging with a high-risk partner was much more common when they drank. If you think back to the last time you woke up and immediately sprinted to the pharmacy for Plan B, it was probs after a drunken evening rather than a stoned one.

5. You Won’t Be Too Hungover For Round 2

Waking up next to someone you never would’ve slept with sober is bad, but waking up with a hot guy feeling like you need to vom might be worse. Especially when he tries to go round two or asks you to breakfast and you have to politely decline so you can run home to the safety of your own toilet.

6. You Won’t Kill The Mood By Puking

While some survey respondents reported feeling distracted during high sex, getting distracted isn’t so bad when compared with the people who admitted to falling asleep during sex or leaving during the middle to go puke due to drunkenness. We all get distracted during sex occasionally, but we don’t all start snoring. Then again, depending on how experienced you are with smoking, the falling asleep thing could totally happen during high sex also.

Sorry alcohol, weed wins this round. 

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