Gigi Hadid Says She Eats Gluten, Fat & Dairy Every Day

Models have a bad reputation when it comes to eating. Namely that their diets are borderline impossible for us normals to follow.

Weirdly enough, Gigi Hadid’s actually seems for lack of a better word, normal.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Gigi reveals that she wakes up at 7 am most days and that she “usually eats breakfast or has coffee before she does anything.”

Same, Gigi.

“I live near the Smile and I love their scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast,” Gigi dishes. Adding: “I drink orange juice and coffee always. At home I love scrambled eggs and toast; it’s just an easy go-to. My boyfriend, being British, got me into breakfast beans, so that’s what I’ve been eating lately.”

Translation: She drinks a glass of sugar every morning, doesn’t avoid gluten, and when she stays over at bae’s house… she eats some extra protein.

Then she heads to the gym at 9 am and works out until noon.

Translation: She works out for 3 hours a day. Can you even remember back to the last time you worked out for 3 hours? Have you ever? I haven’t.

Obviously, after all that, she’s super hungry. So, she does one of the two things. “My personal motto is: ‘Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane,’ so if I’m in the mood I’ll go to JG Melon in the West Village,” but if she’s craving something healthier, she’ll go back to the Smile. “They have a little arugula salad that I could eat every day.”

For her afternoon snack, Gigi claims she eats ice cream.

“There used to be an Emack & Bolio’s on Houston Street, which is my favorite ice-cream place. I love the Grasshopper Pie. I would walk past it on my way to the gym every day, but one day it was closed and I almost cried. Now I’ll just Postmate pints of it to my apartment.”

No shade Gigi, but we’d like to see the receipts on that statement.

For dinner, she’ll either get drinks with friends, go to Bond Street for sushi, or stay in to cook. No details for what she normally eats on those nights, so you know it’s probably depressingly healthy and well-proportioned. If it was typically dripping with grease and calories, she’d probs be laying out every last detail here.

Either way you spin this, Gigi seems to eat more or less the amount of food that a regular person does, which sort of makes sense seeing she works out for 3 hours every day.

Being a supermodel is crazy.

[H/T Harper’s Bazaar]

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