10 things to talk about if you want to seem cool at NYFW

Being a cool fashion person is kind of the same as being a hipster, except instead of bragging about the newest coffee shop or IPA, you brag about the latest vegan restaurant or up-and-coming model.

NYFW is especially full of fashion insiders trying to one-up each other with their knowledge about Jeremy Scott’s latest inspiration or what Hood By Air really used to cover their models’ faces.

If you want to fit in with the crowd this fashion week without sounding clueless, have no fear. Consider this list your cheat sheet.

1. Harper’s Bazaar Icons Party

Vanity Fair described the Harper’s Bazaar Icons Party as celebrity prom, and they hit the nail on the head. It’s basically the Met Gala Jr. (but if you’re talking to someone from Hearst, it’s the other way around).

The party is held every Fashion Week in a ballroom at the Plaza Hotel, and anyone who’s anyone is there. This year, from Kanye, to Kim (and her younger sisters), to Hailey Baldwin, to the Winklevosses, to Jeremy Scott, it was insane. If you casually name drop the party and say that’s the reason you’re “so tired,” people will prob assume you’re a celebrity or at least dating one.

2. Carine Roitfeld

Think of Carine as the cooler, more underground version of Anna Wintour. She’s the former editor of Vogue Paris, but now she edits her own magazine, CR Fashion Book, and is the global fashion director of Harper’s Bazaar. She also hosted the Harper’s Bazaar Icons Party mentioned above, to show that she’s kind of a big deal.

Kanye West even said, “[Carine] is a mother—-ing icon, though. There’s only one Carine,” during his speech at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons Party.

3. Being Tired

Ughhh it’s so hard being a fashionista! You were out all night partying with Alexander Wang, and now you have to wake up for an early morning show where you’ll be sitting front row. Having bags under your eyes is strangely almost as cool as having a Birkin. Just keep grumbling dramatically about how you’re “exhausted” and you’ll fit right in!

4. By Chloe & The Butcher’s Daughter

By Chloe and The Butcher’s Daughter are two of the coolest vegan restaurants in NYC right now. By Chloe is actually pretty reasonably priced, and you can get a classic “burger” (meat free, obvi) for about $9. The Butcher’s Daughter is equally cool, equally vegan, and equally reasonably priced, you’ll just have to wait an hour for it. Order something and lug the bag around all day to show how trendy your palate is.

5. Milk

All you need to say is that you are “heading back from Milk right now” to be deemed worthy. Don’t say Milk Studios unless you’re a noob.

6. Gucci

Every conversation between fashion people is a secret contest for who can bring up Gucci first, because Gucci is the only thing that’s important right now.

7. Make Up a Car Service

Juno is the latest car service app to join the ranks of the revolution that Uber created. Juno is still in Beta-testing, so it’s semi-invite only (although you can just go on the website and type in your number). But since anyone who’s anyone already knows about Juno, just make up some other random word and pretend it’s a car app. People will think you’re cool af. Like, BRB my Neptune is almost here!

8. Act Like You’re Sponsored By a Car

Getting sponsored by detox tea is so pre-teen Instagram model. But getting sponsored by a car company like Lexus for the duration of fashion week? That’s when you know you’ve made it. The coolest it-girls (and guys) get a free car for fashion week so that they can be photographed getting out of it. Super casual. Just tag your Instagram post, “Thanks @uber!” and everyone will quietly wonder if you’re being sponsored by them.

9. Molly Bair

Karlie Kloss is so 2012. One of the hottest models right now is Molly Bair, who says she’s “embracing that alien-rat-demon-goblin-gremlin sort of vibe.” She’s walked for Prada, Wang, Chanel, Proenza, and Giles, just to name a few.

10. Slick Woods

Slick Woods is another model that’s becoming a sweetheart of the industry. After shaving all her hair off last summer, she’s got the perfect “anti-model” look while still being effortlessly gorgeous. Vogue just published a write-up on her, but you can see her (and her kickass personality) in full force below.


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