Target Is Now Selling The Chanel of Tampons

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the current period gossip, you’ve probs heard that tampons have some sketch shit in them that you likely don’t want inside yourself. This news has inspired the creation of organic tampons and other “fancy” period products like THINX or tampons that are wearable during sex.

But not all organic tampons are created equal, and not all high-end-bloody-vag products are available in store. However, tampon brand Cora is officially selling their products in your favorite store to accidentally spend $500 in: Target.

Cora’s products are available in 200 Target stores starting today, but why should you care?

If you need a refresher course on why you shouldn’t be putting non-organic tamps in your vag, read this. But on top of that, Cora makes really cool tampon…accessories? If accessories are the right word for a tampon holder, anyways.

When you take a look at Cora’s products, you’re going to wish they were around when you first got your period in middle school and had to awkwardly bring your entire backpack to the bathroom for fear of some pre-pubescent boy seeing you holding a tampon. Kinda ironic that we made such an effort to keep dudes comfortable when guys make us uncomfortable every day, right?

But even if you’re not self-conscious about your monthly bleed ritual, Cora’s cute “little black box” is likely to make your bathroom look 1000 times cuter than it does currently with a neon pink Playtex box with tamps sticking out. You’ll also never have to worry about your tampon awkwardly falling out of your gym bag in front of that hot trainer again because the Cora tamps are so discreet that no clueless dude would ever realize it’s a blood plug.

But these fancy tampons also have a fancy price tag, retailing at about $6.99 for a box of 18 (a Kotex box at the same price contains double the tampons). But considering you may be saving yourself from getting toxic chemicals in your system, it’s really not that pricey. Plus Cora gives menstrual products to low-income girls in India and educates them about women’s health for every sale they’ve made, which is a good excuse for you to spend that extra money on a pretty tampon box.

Who says periods can’t be kinda fun? Well let’s not push it…but at least they’re getting more stylish.

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