What To Do When You Get Your Period And You Have To Wear a Bikini

Whether you get horrible cramps or not, have a heavy or light flow, or get bloated af on your period, there’s one thing that every girl can agree on. No chick wants to get her period when she’s headed to the beach.

It’s one thing to be visited by Aunt Flo when you’re chilling in some jeans or yoga pants, but when you’re bleeding from your vag and you have to essentially wear underwear in public, it’s not exactly “relaxing” like the beach is supposed to be.

Sure, you can be like me and have your mom teach you how to put in a tampon the night before your BFF’s sixth grade graduation pool party, but even if you already know how to use a tampon, it’s tough to feel secure when there’s a cotton tail hanging out of your lady bits. Here’s our cheat sheet to rocking a bikini during the time of the month when you just wanna lay in bed.

1. You Need To Cut It

O.T. Genasis should totally come out with a summer period themed remix of his hit that’ll go like: “That tampon string too long, you need to cut it.” But, even if he doesn’t, cutting your tampon is a good way to be able to breathe on the beach without worrying that your tampon string is going to flop out of your bikini bottom like some rogue seaweed washing ashore.

Allegedly, the taking scissors to your tampon trick is a stripper devised mechanism for when they still have to pop their pussies regardless of Aunt Flo’s wishes. Either way, it’s simple and genius.

2. Choose a Less Risqué Bikini Bottom

Even if you’ve got an ass like Nicki’s and want to rock G-strings all summer long, you should probably invest in at least one or two bikini bottoms that give you a little more coverage, preferably in black or a dark color.

If your bikini bottom is big enough, you can throw a liner on so that you feel extra secure on your heaviest days, it just means that you can’t go in the water. Which reminds me…

3. Skip Swimming

Sorry, I know it sucks, but if you’re insecure about being on your period in a bikini you should stay out of the water. First off, sharks are attracted to blood (jk, kinda). Second off, the idea of your tampon getting waterlogged with nasty ocean or pool water doesn’t sound that sanitary.

Plus, sitting around in a wet bikini bottom already ups your chances of getting a yeast infection, and  a wet panty liner or tampon will not help that cause.

4. Pick a Butt Buddy

What’s the point of going to the beach with your BFF if you can’t ask her to watch your butt all day to make sure that it stays dry and free of tampon strings? You can return the favor when it’s her time of the month.

5. Ditch The Organic Tampons

Organic tampons truly have their benefits, but absorbing your heavy flow isn’t one of them.

Going organic is cool if you’re wearing something that won’t showcase your blood stains, but for dire situations like your crush’s pool party, stick to your heavy duty drugstore brand. Chemicals are in everything we use for a reason, y’all.

6. Choose Your Beach Wisely

Alright, we’ve all peed in the ocean before because we’re degenerates, but changing your tampon on the beach is a different ball game.

Some of the “super chill” secluded beaches that your new surfer BF is going to take you to this summer definitely don’t have real bathrooms. If you’re totes down to change your bloody tampon behind a palm tree while hanging with bae, go for it.

But if you’re less than down to fling your tampon to the wind, then make sure whatever beach you’re going to offers a public restroom, or at least some sort of public establishment nearby where the hostess will understand your #periodproblemz and let you use the bathroom without buying anything.

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