There’s Now a Scientific Reason to Stop Wearing Yoga Pants All Day

People love yoga pants, especially pervy guys — there’s a whole website dedicated to them.

Basic girls and MILFs also seem to love them. In fact, what started as a comfy option for running errands has now become the symbol of not giving a fuck, and not necessarily in a good way. In fact, these days you can’t go 10 feet without seeing a shining, tight pair of yoga pants in any given suburb. Kind of makes you miss sweats.

But there might be an end on the horizon! Mic interviewed an expert and found that wearing yoga pants for too long can result in yeast infections, zits, and a grody-sounding condition called folliculitis. Nobody wants that.

You could even get jock itch if you wear them too long post-workout:

As for lingering moisture, flare-ups from the growth of fungus and yeast is a big concern. Tinea cruris, also known as jock itch, is a fungal infection that affects the skin of your inner thighs, butt and genitals. Eidelman said it is more common in men but can occur in women as well.

Plus, tight and moisture-trapping leggings could even cause eczema, the Mic story points out.

If you seriously can’t part with your yoga pants, you basic little bb, there’s a simple solution: just don’t sweat in them. That means no yoga pants during a workout and no yoga pants if it’s hot out. Sounds easy enough.

But if you were thinking about tossing your yoga pants out like yesterday’s Juicy sweatsuit, consider this news all the motivation you need.

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