6 Strippers Tell Us The Strangest Tips They’ve Ever Received

We’ve all wondered about the life of a stripper. How much do they really make? What are the customers like? Is it as amazing and terrifying and lucrative as it looks on TV?

We’ve got the insider scoop with Brooklyn Ford, a dancer that works at one of New York City’s biggest strip clubs. We wondered what strippers are getting when they’re not getting piles of cash, and decided to ask dancers about the strangest tips they’ve ever gotten.

1. Inked

Back when I danced in Los Angeles a couple of years ago I met an intriguing client who happened to be in a stellar band. One night after of couple of drinks and various lap dances, we had an interesting conversation about porn star names. He stated that a porn star’s name is the combination of their middle name and the street that they grew up on. As for my name, together we came up with Catherine Montgomery.

I thought it was humorous and all fun & games. Until a couple days later when he came into the club & instead of tipping me on stage he walked up and explained that he had the ultimate tip for me. As I completed my stage set I met him at the bar only to find out that he had tattooed Catherine Montgomery across his forearm, that was my tip. I was appalled yet flattered. Safe to say I didn’t see him much after that, but it was sweet in a twisted way. – Presley

2. I’m In Miami, Bitch

Being that I didn’t travel much growing up, it was always interesting to speak to clients about the many places they have visited. Last year when I first began dancing I met an older gentleman who was extremely generous with his cash. Every other day we chatted, exchanged stories, and ended our encounter with a hefty tip. I never expected anything less.

One day I explained that I wanted so badly to go to Miami. To my surprise, two days later after I gave him a lap dance he hands over an envelope and informs me to open it later. Once I got home I realized that there were two round trip tickets to Miami for the weekend including a nice note that instructed me to take the well-deserved trip and bring a friend. I was thrilled and of course I took the weekend trip with my friend. It was my very first time on an airplane and this client is still my most trusted client today. – Candy

3. Cashin’ Out

Last December was such a slow month for me and I was scraping along just to make ends meet. One night it was about 3 a.m. and we were so close to closing time. I was visibly upset and my hope of making any money was lost. As I paced around the club searching for interested clients, a young man approached me. We chatted for about 15 minutes and we exchanged our views on life. Our conversation was cut short because he abruptly needed to leave.

After one farewell lap dance he left to use the restroom and as he walked back over. He hands over what looked like a piece of paper in the dark. He explained that he didn’t have any cash on him but this would take care of it. When he left I headed to the dressing room with my head hung low. I opened up the “piece of paper” only to find out it was a $900 check made out to me. I was happy, but a bit skeptical. The next day I took a chance and deposited the check and it cleared! This man was my miracle after a dry spell. – Lola

4. Turning Tables

As a stripper I am always used to being a part time therapist as well. Men come in day after day complaining about their marital woes and concerns. Nonetheless, one night after enduring a terrible break up with my ex-boyfriend I was the one who needed to be listened to. Knowing that I shouldn’t bring my personal problems to the strip club, I remained composed.

This was until I sat with a man for two hours as we both talked about our dilemmas. This man was wise, interesting, and open to listening. He gave me useful advice on how to handle my breakup and what to do next. At the moment, this meant more to me than any amount of money. Of course he tipped me well, but I walked away with a fresh perspective on my situation and life. I needed this more than anything and he was able to help me smile again. Also, the advice did help and I am 100% happier today. – Kitty

5. I Don’t…

I have never been married and I have never been engaged. Never have I even considered being attached to one person for the rest of my life.

This January marked two years since I met my most lucrative client. Every Tuesday and Saturday he visited me at the club and took very good care of me. All I have to do is dance and listen to him speak about work. You can say that this was almost like an “in-club relationship” but I never took it further. Recently, after spending about three hours with him, he hands over a brown paper bag before heading out. I shrugged it off and shoved it in my locker. At 4 a.m. as I packed up to leave I opened up the brown paper bag and there was an engagement ring inside with a card that said “I LOVE YOU!”

It may sound cruel, but this was way overboard for me. I changed my dancer name and began wearing a wig to work. Also, I cut off all contact with this client. Word on the street is that he moved on to another dancer and only comes in on days he knows that I will not be there. Good riddance, my job is to simply entertain and he took it to another level. – Angel

6. Who Doesn’t Love Breadsticks?

During one day shift, I was unfortunately plagued with many strange men and not a lot of tips. Finally, I came across an older man who stated that he was visiting from Spain and planned to depart back to his hometown the next day. I decided to sit with him and enjoy lunch. Sadly, he was not interested in getting any dances. Being that I didn’t really want to speak to any other strange man, I took the loss and hoped that he would at least tip me at the end of our conversation.

Well, at the end of our conversation he tipped me… but not with money. Briskly exiting the club, he handed over a $25 gift card to Olive Garden that he could not use since he was leaving the next day. Of course I wanted cold hard cash, so I was not very happy. I did consider using the gift card on my day off, but I lost the card as the night progressed. – Cookie

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