Strip Club Etiquette For Women

While strip clubs may typically be a male hangout spot, that doesn’t stop the ladies from having a girls night out with some scantily clad dancers.

Whether you’re headed to a bachelorette party, accompanying your guy friends, or simply want to see what all the fuss is about, your first strip club experience can be eye-opening and also super fun.

We spoke to Brooklyn Ford, an NYC dancer, about how to make sure you have a good time and simultaneously refrain from making a fool of yourself at the strip club.

What are the top 5 mistakes women make when attending strip clubs?

Believe me, us strippers do enjoy when women come to the club and party with us. Unfortunately, there are some things that occur that usually change our minds instantaneously. I honestly feel that many women come to the strip club with this strange idea that they can misbehave in the most bizarre manner that would not be accepted anywhere else. While we do provide a fantasy driven atmosphere, proper etiquette is appreciated.

What are the most common faux pas women make?

1. Getting too drunk. Again, you are free to let loose, but just like any other night out, too much can easily cause problems and is a definite way to increase bothersome behavior. Try to kind of remain ladylike, girls.

2. Fondling strippers. Please do not grope us. It is clear that various women believe that because we are made of the same parts they can grab our [bodies] freely. That is actually incorrect. The same way that the male clientele cannot freely grab on us, neither can women. It is all about respect and having a good time considerately.

3. Jumping on stage or the pole. Let us do our job! It is so irritating when drunk girls jump on stage or the pole when we are dancing. It distracts us and distracts other customers from enjoying the show. Before becoming a dancerthere were times I have been tempted to jump on stage when visiting a club, therefore I just auditioned and actually began getting paid to do so.

4. Hurling insults or unnecessary comments. While stripping is known as an unconventional route in life, we shouldn’t be reminded every five seconds just because we are the same sex. It is rather rude to insult us and lecture us on how there are other ways to make money, I think we know that.

5. Aggressively flirting with male customers. Again, we love our female clientele. However, our male clientele are our bread & butter. We would appreciate if the attention is not taken away from us because someone is using the strip club to find their next sexual conquest or companion.

If a woman goes to the club with her man and starts to get jealous of the strippers that approach him, what should she do?

Sincerely, it is all fun and games! She should remember that as dancers we are selling a fantasy and we won’t steal her man. Her companion is a customer and we have no interest in taking him away. We are here to entertain, not cause relationship problems. She should sit back and enjoy, because frankly we are capable of making sure that they both have an excellent time.

What’s the most basic service a girl can get at the strip club if they’re newbies?

LAP DANCES, LAP DANCES AND MORE LAP DANCES! While the VIP Rooms are always the ultimate goal, lap dances are a sensational, sexy, and cheaper start. If you enjoy your first lap dance, you are always welcomed to ask for much more.


What should a girl prepare herself for before entering a strip club? 

Remember that it is all fun. Don’t worry much about the creepy dudes or anything else that could potentially ruin a fantastic night out. Treat this situation as if you are headed to a dance club, it’s no different. Head to a strip club with the best intentions and vibes.

How can a group of girls ensure that they have a fun night out at the strip club?

Get dolled up, grab some friends, and prepare for the best night ever filled with [babes], music, and entertainment. Again, bring enough money to ensure a good time without worry. Lastly, be ready to indulge in the sexually charged make-believe world provided for your pleasure.

Is going to the strip club better than hiring a personal stripper? 

I have ZERO experience in personal stripping and I have never been hired to do so. BUT, the strip club environment is positively phenomenal. Strip clubs have the ambiance of a dance party but with partially naked women. What could be better than that? It’s riveting, titillating, and an ideal spot for a girls’ night out.

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