Blogger Ria Michelle Knows Which Handbag You Need To Go Miami Clubbing

Galore Mag Ria Michelle

It doesn’t matter if that bitch is a Birkin, you look foolish. What exactly is the thought process behind lugging an albatross of a bag on your shoulder when you’re trying to turn up? Between squeezing past people and bumping them with your gear, minimal mobility makes the night completely unenjoyable. I took this discussion to Twitter as I so often do for a few laughs: The consensus seemed to be, “you never know where you might end up”. I guess that’s fair, but let’s try and be prepared here.

Galore Mag Ria Michelle

If you’re living your life where you’re unsure of where you might end up, the solution is as simple as keeping an evening appropriate sized bag in your car. Make the switch when the sun goes down. No car? Keep a small bag in that suitcase you’re toting around and leave the beast with the coat check.

Bottom line, clutches and small purses only in the club. Don’t whine to me that it’s Prada or whatever, they make mini versions of these luxury bags for a reason. Do better by going smaller! Here’s some tiny bag must-haves you need in your closet.


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