A Tampon You Can Wear During Sex Is Coming Soon

Even if your boo is totally cool with period sex, timing is everything.

Do you wait until the main event to run to the bathroom and yank your tampon out? Or do you take it off discreetly pre-foreplay with the slight risk of bleeding all over the sheets? Maybe your bae can pull a Christian Grey and forcefully pull your tampon out on his own?

Thankfully, you might not have to worry about the awkward tampon-sex exchange soon enough, thanks to The Flex Company whose new product is changing the way you deal with your period.

Their product isn’t a menstrual cup, it’s a menstrual disc, and it’s also hypoallergenic, latex-free, and holds no risks for Toxic Shock Syndrome. It’s also disposable. But the main draw is that unlike tampons and menstrual cups, you can wear discs during sex.

On top of the fact that most of us are way hornier on our periods, having an orgasm has been shown to reduce cramps, which is dope.

But WTF is a menstrual disc? They look like hockey pucks, and you have to insert it inside of your vagina to use it. You also have to fish it out yourself. I know what you’re thinking, it sounded way better before you read into it, didn’t it? Yeah… same.

Photo courtesy of Flex

Regardless, more than 20,000 people signed up for Flex pre-orders in April and they have sold over 250 million menstrual discs to date, according to Tech Crunch. They also just raised $1 million through donations from Y combinator, Amplify.LA, and other groups.

Curiously, 20% of Flex’s customers are men. Which seems kind of thoughtful at first, but then you realize that they probs just don’t want “that time of the month” to be an excuse for no sex and/or want to stop seeing bloody tampons in their trash can.

Whether the idea of a menstrual disc seems awesome or fucking weird, there’s no denying that new period alternatives, such as THINX, are giving tampons a run for their money. Considering the tampon tax and the risks that run with non-organic tampons, we think it’s about time that girls have their choice of products to deal with their period.

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