Kylie Jenner Casually Never Tried KFC Until Yesterday

After eighteen long years of deprivation, Kylie Jenner confusingly had her first culinary experience at Kentucky Fried Chicken last night while on a spur of the moment trip to Budapest, Hungary.

Obviously, she had to memorialize the momentous moment in a Snapchat story, embedded between her saying goodnight and gagging at how gorgeous Bella Hadid looks on the cover of Elle.

Don’t those fries and greasy bits of crispy, battered chicken flesh just look MOUTH-WATERING?

Even though Kylie neglected to give us a second snap to capture the aftermath of her first taste of Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe, we’re 80% positive that unless she was drunk and stumbling home from a night at the club, her eating experience was lackluster and left her with a shameful grease stain on her jeans that she won’t discover until morning.

Still, at least now Kylie will have something else in common with her big sister Kimmy because Kim loves KFC.

Like she loves KFC so much that she’ll even stop and get some chicken before a photo shoot. A PHOTO SHOOT.

Of course, all of this is pre-crazy Atkins diet, but still, we couldn’t be prouder for Kylie in this life-defining moment.

We always knew you could do it, bb.

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