Hurry Up and Take a Shot So You Can Drunk-Eat This Mac & Cheetos Pizza

The internet is a very confusing place right now.

While half of us are chomping on kale, live-streaming our morning yoga routines, and condemning anything with gluten, the other half are seeing what ridiculously calorie-loaded franken-food we can come up with.

Case in point: the Mac n’ Cheetos pizza that was created by JP Lambiase, a vlogger for the confusingly titled blog, Hellthyjunkfood.

This concoction was probably inspired by Burger King’s recently released Mac n’ Cheetos, which caused quite a fucking uproar. But JP likely thought, why not add in another food that the internet is obsessed with?

Now, he gets the pizza girls, the mac n’ cheese lovers, and the Cheetos addicts, which is really quite genius. Oh, and the pizza also involves pulled pork, for the meat-lovers out there.

The combination clearly worked, because the video already has over 130k views. Are the people viewing the video actually going to make it themselves? Probs not. But your local Instagram-famous girl will likely post the link on her FB timeline to remind everyone that she eats like a fatass and still wears a size zero. So relatable.

Check the video below so that you can be obsessed or disgusted, then carry on with your day.

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