Fashion is Getting Out of Control and It’s Young Hollywood’s Fault

It’s a commonly known fact that fashion is subjective, but I’m sorry, right now young Hollywood is taking things too far.

Dance recital sequined pants, full-length jean skorts, and brand-name boxers peeking out from underneath sheer full-length skirts are just a few of the WTF moments currently being committed against fashion because celebrities are in the middle of a YOLO moment that knows no end.

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September 21: #GigiHadid out in Milan.

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Wearing all @Dior of course🌸 #DiorTheArtOfColor

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Literally anything goes — and the more outrageous the better.

From Selena’s embrace of dressing like a fancy kindergartener to Kim’s insistence on wearing a plushy bathrobe out one day and a sweatpants and fur combo the next day, there’s only one explanation I can think of that makes sense.

Celebrities are messing with us.


Because they can.

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While most celebrities dress safely so as to never end up on a worst dressed list, the young and the Insta-famous have a unique power for making trends catch on, and they use that power to their utmost advantage on an everyday basis. 

Sometimes it doesn’t work, but most of the time, it does.

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And it must be thrilling to know you hold that kind of power to make the masses wear whatever you wear just because you’re wearing it.

It’s not like they invent any of the trends out-right, but it’s a common fact that the more you see something, the more normal it becomes.

Like, have you ever heard a pop song on the radio for the first time and thought, “Oh, this is dumb,” but then after hearing it every day for the next month you kinda start loving it.

That’s a process called normalization — maybe you’ve heard it in connection with Trump — and it works for fashion too.

Like when my boyfriend and I first went to Kanye’s Madison Square Garden show, we didn’t even wait in line for the Pablo merchandise because we thought it looked dumb and really over-priced.

A months later, we were waiting in line for multiple hours with a thick stack of paper bills in our pockets to spend at his New York pop-up shop.

What can I say? 

The more we saw people wearing it on Instagram — *cough* the Kardashian-Jenners — the more we began to think we had misjudged his merch. 

Which is what troubles me about what young Hollywood is wearing right now.

As much as I hate it now, I worry that in a few months, my outfit will be stocked with duplicates.

Honestly, it all went downhill when Kim started wearing bike shorts and heels out in public.

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I should have seen what was coming, but at the time, it seemed so irreverent and harmless.

I thought, what they hey?

Little did I know what was coming for us.

These influencers need to be stopped before we all start walking around with pierced nails and crocs.

So if you’re reading this right now guys — jk, why would you — please, have mercy on us and stop with the shenanigans.

The last thing the we need this year is for our wardrobes to be as much of a disaster as what’s happening in politics.

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