Kendall’s Latest Outfit Proves She’s Officially Messing With Us

Pretty much everything Kendall Jenner and her sisters wear out in public becomes hella popular, but Kendall’s latest outfit makes us wonder if the power has gone to her head.

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Yesterday, Kendall hopped on Gigi’s disturbing turtleneck trend wagon, layering an oversized T-shirt over a cropped long sleeve lace turtleneck. She paired that with some fishnets, layered under a pair of… wait for it… track-style sweatpants.

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And since all those nuances are hard to detect on the street, Kendall let Bella Hadid snap a behind the scenes picture to really let her outfit sing.


It’s just a lot of outfit to process, and honestly, I can’t shake the feeling Kendall’s messing with us.

Or, maybe she’s not.

Maybe Kendall genuinely wants to tap into the momentum of the sweatpants normalization movement and make fashion exam cram session chic again.

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Honestly, I hope she fails.

Wearing Juicy Couture out in public in one thing, but I don’t think I can handle seeing these disturbing turtleneck trends out in the wild.

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Please Kendall.

We get it. You’re an influencer.

Now have mercy on our sartorial selves and call off this turtleneck layering before it’s too late.

The fate of the free world depends on you.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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