Kanye is Selling Merch With Paparazzi Photos From Kim’s Vacation Now

ICYMI, Kim looked really hot when she was on vacation in Mexico. She freed her entire boob, miraculously played volleyball in a strapless bikini without a major wardrobe malfunction happening, and generally looked like a goddess.

Just like you and me, Kanye missed out on basking in the glow of Kim’s hotness in person, but now he’s making up for it by selling tour merch featuring paparazzi shots from that vacation.

Specifically this one, of Kim playing volleyball in a strapless bikini.

Bikini tennis anyone? 🎾

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Last night on Snapchat, Kim offered us a behind the scenes look at Kanye’s Life of Pablo tour, from the hennessey and coke slushy machine his rider stipulates must be backstage at all times, to all the new merch he’s selling.

There’s this Pablo shirt with Kim playing volleyball on vacation on the sleeve.

This long-sleeve shirt featuring the same image with the words ‘tour’ emblazoned on the top.

And there’s even a poster, for those of y’all who aren’t interested in spending $80-$100 for a shirt with a paparazzi photo of Kim on it.*

Apparently these shirts are selling like hot cakes, so if you want to get your hands on these glorious pieces of fabric, plan on getting to that merch line early.

*Kim’s Snapchat did not denote the price of said shirt. This is an estimate based on the ridiculous amount that ridiculous people like me have payed for Pablo merch in the past. Losers.

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