Kylie Jenner Got 4 Pairs of Christmas Crocs & Screamed “This Is Lit”

The youngest Kardashian-Jenner is not as hard to please as some people might have thought.

Kylie Jenner announced (?) on Snapchat this morning that she received some Crocs for Christmas, and also confirmed it was “lit.”

“Yoooo,” she bellows in the snap. “Vic went in for me for Christmas. This is lit!”

As you can see, the Crocs are orange, red, white, and black. They apparently came from her assistant, Victoria Villarroel Gamero, a.k.a. the 2006 Kim Kardashian to Kylie’s Paris Hilton.

Now, how do we make sense of this over-the-top reaction to what most people who aren’t chefs, gardeners, or nurses’ assistants would agree is a uniquely horrible present? There are a few options.

Perhaps Kylie is looking to become a chef, gardener, or nurse’s assistant, and this is just the footwear she needs for it.

Or maybe she feels bad because her assistant is technically her employee, so she has to make a huge fuss over whatever gift she gets her no matter how WTF it is. It’s like when your grandma insists on getting you a Hollister gift card for the sixth year in a row — it makes no sense, but it’s the thought that counts.

Or maybe, just maybe, Kylie Jenner is not as hard to please as you’d think a teen millionaire would be. Maybe she doesn’t really care that much about material things, and that’s why they seem to fly at her from every angle day in and day out. Maybe she’s actually not concerned about image and wealth, she just pretends to be for her job. In reality, all she wants are some Crocs and a tasteful turtleneck-sweater combo. Maybe Kylie has just been super freaking zen this whole time and if the rest of us stop worrying about crap like this, good things — like unlimited cars, houses, and Crocs — will come to us, too!

That’s too much to contemplate for now, though, so I’m just gonna tell myself Crocs sent Kylie and/or Vic a hefty check for the promo, Ugg-style.

Merry Christmas and let us all be as thankful for the dumb gifts we get this year as Kylie was for these Crocs and the sponcon check they may or may not have brought with them.

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