Sneaker Superstars – Lisa & Jessica Kistermann of Crime London

Fashion designers, businesswomen, and streetstyle darlings, Lisa and Jessica Kistermann epitomize the cool-girl aesthetic effortlessly walking the line between sporty and sexy. 

Born in Italy with a multicultural Greek-German background, they were raised in London, during their studies in International Business and Russian, the young entrepreneurs realized a lack of premium high-quality designer sneakers. Recognizing both a challenge and an opportunity, Crime London was born, a sneaker that would bridge the gap between streetwear and high-end fashion. 

“Our company is very focused on products more than hype, and it will always be,” say the sisters. “The quality, the design, and technology are very important to us.”

Crime London exhibits a diverse range of contemporary, minimal designs that hit the perfect price point between casual and luxury – a sneaker born to keep a foot in both worlds. The bold and eclectic mix of kicks has become part of the regular sneaker rotation of some of the globe’s most influential artists and celebrities including Rihanna, Sofia Richie, and Hailey Bieber, all been spotted donning the brand’s sneakers.

“We like to think that being sisters is our special business superpower! Working with someone you know inside and out really makes things a whole lot easier. It brings a level of trust that is hard to find in any other relationship, you know each other’s strengths (and weaknesses) and have a deep understanding of what we each need, want, and wish for.” 


The twinning duo have infectious energy, you’ve likely seen them backstage at music events or in street style roundups, sporting the latest designers while simultaneously maintaining a classic and edgy aesthetic. They have fun blending athleisure and unapologetically cool attitude of music into their creations. Unbothered by temporary trends, dictated by the big luxury fashion houses, they enjoy a more personal expression of their talent and passion for sound and style remixed into one creative force.

“We love living out 1990’s girl group and 2000’s style while giving it a new age twist. You can always find us in sneakers and oversize cargo pants or baggy jeans with a tank as part of our casual uniform” say the siblings.

The Kistermann sisters know how to keep us on our toes when it comes to their personal style – and their sneakers play a big part in their accidental cool approach to dressing. 

The duo regularly reveals ‘fits and looks with distinct street-glam rarely seen before, with a huge range for any occasion – super edgy and feminine at the same time, though the ensemble always circles back to the statement shoe.


“We love to contrast and mix things up, balancing out a strong look with comfy pieces and an element of sportiness,” explain Lisa and Jessica, “Most of our outfits are usually based around a pair of kicks, as that’s really all we wear. With Crime London, you can wear our sneakers with sweatpants, a dress, or even a bikini and they look great regardless.”

Crime London’s contemporary design – which features sleek lacing, lightweight performance soles, and a wide range of diverse premium Italian materials – ensures the sneakers meet all of today’s aesthetic and functional requirements while also shifting to becoming a more eco-responsible brand. The season’s newest drops nearly always result in instant sell-outs of several colorways. For Summer 2024 Crime London’s “Back On My Worst Behaviour” Collection contrasts statement urban proportions, neon colors, and playful patterns with the simplicity of timeless pieces which, in addition to being ultra-comfortable, are aimed at an endless range of people.


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