Kim K Just Got Like 30 Nail Piercings

Kim Kardashian is having a style identity crisis right now.

Within the past month she’s alternatively dressed like a millionaire who’s slumming it, a 1970s earth goddess, and like a teenager who just discovered Hot Topic but isn’t ready to go full on emo yet.

While it’s still anybody’s guess which one of these alter egos Kim’s gonna end up embracing as her dominant style of the year, emo Kimmy just scored another win because Kim K just pierced her frickin nails like 30 times.

After all, what’s more emo than (fake) excessive piercings?

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“Khloé would be so proud of me right now,” Kim cooed, showing off her new pierced nails on Snapchat.


Khloé has historically been the sister most supportive of Kim’s emo tendencies.


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Just like most of the accessories we bought from Hot Topic back in the day, this one is a swing and a miss for Kimmy.

Fingers crossed Emo Kimmy isn’t the alter ego who wins dominion over Kim’s soul this year.

Emo may be a ripe for a comeback, but the world isn’t just isn’t ready for Emo Kimmy yet.

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[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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