Kim Kardashian Just Gave Herself a Hot Topic Makeover

Holy Evanescence, Kim Kardashian has just gone emo on us.

Since getting robbed at gunpoint, Kim Kardashian has been acting differently.

She stopped posting selfies, snapchats, or going out in public wearing sheer fabric, and instead used that time to ask herself deep, probing questions about the woman she had become and the woman she wanted to be.

After much deliberation, Kimmy realized she didn’t want to be just another glamazon cog in a capitalist society who only cared about contouring and Balenciaga shoes anymore, she wanted to prove to the world that she, Kim Kardashian, was different.

So what did Kimmy do?

She went out and got a lip ring.

And not a diamond lip ring, or even a designer lip ring, but an honest to god, I’m so emo now so I got my Mom to drive me to the mall so I could make her buy me this from Hot Topic, lip ring.

Just like any teenage girl on the verge of a full-scale Hot Topic makeover, Kimmy chose her family’s Christmas party to show off her new identity.

And honestly, things were going well for Kimmy, until her buzzkill husband made her take off her new lip ring for their family photo so she could look respectable — no wonder she’s not smiling.

Doesn’t he get that her lip ring is a part of who she is now?

That her dramatic life experiences have left her with so many emotions that she has to rage against the machine?

Chin up, Kimmy.

Your family may not support your altness, but that’ll just make your rebellion sweeter.

[H/T Elite Daily]

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