Kim Kardashian Says She’s Kissing Contouring Goodbye

Contouring is finally dead, according to the exact same makeup junkie who put it on the map. Thank you GOD!

Vogue was basically throwing its own SXSW in London over the weekend, and Kim Kardashian West dropped the anti-contouring bomb at a Q&A between herself, Charlotte Tilbury, and British Vogue-ette Fiona Golfar.

It started with her talking about how embarrassed she is of her more-is-more style from the early Keeping Up With the Kardashians days, according to the Telegraph.

“I just wore too much,” she said of her old makeup looks. “I loved false eyelashes and used to pile them on, but now I’m really into nontouring… I’m trying to wear less makeup and my husband loves it.”

She clarified that she will never stop contouring her nose, and is still insistent that she’s never had a nose job — it’s all just makeup smoke and mirrors. Also, she said she’s now more into “strobing,” which is somehow different from contouring in that it does not involve bronzer.

Anyway, now that Kim’s over heavy contouring, everyone else will follow suit in a year or two. After the dust settles, all of our selfies from 2011 to 2016 are gonna look pretttttty hilarious.


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