Kim Kardashian Is Now Wearing Bike Shorts With Heels

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian, whom Vogue proclaimed as this year’s only contender for the CFDA Fashion Icon Award, was spotted walking around Venice Beach in a pair of bike shorts.

And no, she wasn’t coming from the gym or the juice bar, she was on her way to test out the new Marilyn Monroe filter at Snapchat’s HQ, which means that Kim decided it was okay to wear bike shorts to a casual business meeting.

Obviously, this can only mean one thing: Kim Kardashian is trying to make bike shorts the new acceptable pants substitute, which the world will either see as revolutionary or a sign that our fashion values are eroding to the point where they don’t even exist anymore.

Or nobody will bat an eye because bike shorts are essentially just leggings with a shorter hem, and athletic wear is totally having a fashion moment anyway. 

Although before you go running out to the nearest Lululemon store to stock up on bike shorts, you should know that it’s probably bad for your health if you wear them all the time.

As we recently reported, wearing yoga leggings all day can lead to yeast infections, ass zits, and a fungal infection with the adorable nickname of “jock itch,” thanks to all that moisture-trapping, stretchy fabric.

Sadly, if this is true of leggings, than it’s also true of bike shorts.

We should also warn you, that you’ll also have to watch out for what you choose to wear with your bike shorts, because even pairing her bike shorts with velvet high heels, a very punk leather jacket and a choker, Kim still gives off hip 80s mom vibes, which could just be Kim, or could just be my personal prejudice against anyone who wears athleticwear in this country.

Whatever you do though, just say no to Bermuda shorts.

They just scream “I gave up on happiness years ago,” and you’re better than that.

[H/T Racked]


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