The Top 10 Colleges That Supposedly Have The Hottest Girls

Dating app Clover compiled the info from their users and came up with a list of the colleges with the hottest girls.

Yes, we know lists like this are BS and don’t really mean anything, but we also know that they’re still fun to read. Did your alma mater make the list?

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1. University of California

Honestly, are you even surprised about this one? It’s easy to be hot when you can have a tan all year long.

2. Cal State

Again, you know what Katy Perry said about California girls…

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3. Arizona State

Going to a party school means that you have a lot more time to wear thotty outfits and take selfies, which probably makes you hotter, right?

4. Penn State

Again, with the party school thing. We’re unsure if this has to do with discriminating against smart girls or just the fact that schools like Penn State have way more students in general.

5. University of Wisconsin

Wisconsin is probs not the first place you’d go to find a trophy wife, but it apparently shouldn’t be the last.

6. University of Central Florida

If my social calendar revolved around bikini weather 24/7, I’d also be really hot and fit.

7. University of Maryland

If you’ve learned anything from this list, bigger is better, and the cheerleader effect is real.

8. Indiana University

Again, a little rando, but Indiana is a big party school, which is where all the hotties seem to flock according to this list.

9. University of Texas

Yee-haw, ya’ll.

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10. Texas A&M University

Can all these hot Texan girls put their charm to good use and start calling their senators and state reps? Texas has been passing some f*cked up laws lately.

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