The Texas Fetus Funeral Bill Is On Hold

Remember that ridic Texas law that would have made it mandatory for all women who had abortions to bury the fetal remains?

Thankfully, a federal judge in Texas has issued a temporary restraining order on the law, which will last for a month. Originally, the law was set to go into effect in a couple of days, according to Associated Press.

From NPR:

Abortion-rights groups filed a lawsuit on Monday claiming the regulation unfairly “burdens women seeking pregnancy-related medical care” by imposing “a funeral ritual on women who have a miscarriage management procedure, ectopic pregnancy surgery, or an abortion.”

The lawsuit argues that there is no medical purpose for the law, and it’s only been created to make getting an abortion more costly and difficult, which seems spot on.

Lawmakers are set to have an injunction hearing, which is set to take place on January 6th and will determine if the law will permanently be banned, put into place, or brought to a higher court.

Although the law will likely not be put into place, can we talk about how ridiculous it is that this is what is taking up lawmakers and politicians’ time? Not to mention the fact that it’s still a possibility that it goes through temporarily, even if it does eventually get struck down by the supreme court?

Hopefully the law gets aborted…pun very intended.

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