Reminder: The Abortion Pill Is Super Painful

Every girl has had a pregnancy scare before, and every girl will probably have one again in the future.

If you’re not super conservative or religious, you’ve probably said to yourself, “if I ever accidentally get pregnant, I’ll just take one of those pills.”

It sounds like no biggie. No surgery, no operating chair, how hard could it be?

But in artist Whitney Bell’s personal essay for Elle, she explains her experience with the abortion pill in detail — and gets candid about the excruciating pain.

“Sitting over the toilet for hours, pushing out blood clots the size of lemons. Some so large I had to reach up inside myself to pull them out. It means excruciating cramps and pain, far worse than any period symptoms I’ve ever had. Bleeding through pads that should last eight hours, in 45 minutes. I was dizzy, sickly, and had a pounding headache. All of this lasted for three solid days.”

Hmm…doesn’t sound so chill anymore, does it?

Okay, I mean, terminating a pregnancy is never chill, but don’t lie, you kind of figured that at least the pill isn’t surgery so it must be easier, right?

Here’s a kind reminder that’s not true. Not to scare you into not having an abortion, but to scare you into having safer sex. Besides, you can get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, but you can’t get rid of an STD.

Not to mention that with all of the crazy abortion bills that conservative politicians are trying to push through, now is a better time than ever to make sure you’re staying safe.

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