How To Talk Dirty In Gaelic

It’s St. Patrick’s Day. So instead of texting all of your friends something basic like “top of the mornin’ to you,” why don’t you text them something a little bit hotter?

Here’s how to talk dirty in Gaelic.

1. Ba mhaith liom tú anseo anois

Translation: I want you here now

Because Gaelic is an archaic language, its equivalents to “D” or “bae” have been lost to history. But that doesn’t mean you can’t express to your S.O. that you wish they were here (preferably on you).

2.Cad atá tú ag caitheamh?

Translation: What are you wearing? 

This flirty phrase was golden before smart phones were even a thing.

We all know that you’re never actually wearing what you tell your boo, but it doesn’t make asking him any less fun.

3. Faigh i mo dhiaidh

Translation: Get behind me

No explanation necessary.

4. A ligean ar a bheith ina n-aonar

Translation: Let’s be alone

The perfect thing to text to that drunk guy in shamrock goggles when you want to ditch the crowded bar and go make out by the dumpster outside.

5. An féidir liom a cheannaíonn tú beoir?

Translation: Can I buy you a beer?

This isn’t technically dirty talk, but beer gets some dudes pretty pumped.

Besides, it’ll be useful for you today.

6. Ba mhaith liom a póg tú

Translation: I want to kiss you 

Give out some kisses… even if he’s not Irish!

7. Póg mó thoin

Translation: Kiss my behind

Not exactly hot, but sometimes you just need to get sassy on a bro, you know?

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