4 Reasons You Need To Start Talking Dirty

If we can all sing and twerk along to Jason Derulo’s “Dirty Talk” in the club, why do so many of us get shy when it comes to actually talking nasty in the bedroom? Most of us are probably cool with sending the casual mid-afternoon sext, but totally clam up when it comes to asking a dude for what we want in person. In case you needed an added reason to let your freak fly (or yell) next time you’re getting boned, we’ve got some semi-scientific reasons for you:


1. It Lets You Be Who You Want In Bed

Sex, especially when it’s your first time with someone, can be somewhat awkward. Additionally, you probably don’t know how to work the fact that you’re a submissive into a casual conversation over sushi. If you’re vocal in bed, your partner will likely (hopefully) catch on to these clues. According to The Consensual Project, there are three types of vocalists in the bedroom. The narrator, the director, and the submissive. As anyone who watched 50 shades of Grey knows, the submissive likes being told what to do. The narrator is one who says what is currently happening (i.e. “it feels so good when you spank me like that”) whereas the director says what they want you to do (i.e. “spank me.”)

2. It Will Turn You Both On More

Unless you have a man-voice or something else obscenely strange, you talking to your dude in bed is DEFINITELY going to get him going. And him talking (if he’s doing it right) will get you going too. My last boyfriend quickly realized that when I was approaching orgasm, it was definitely the time for him to start calling me dirty names, because it would make me go crazy.

3. It Establishes Trust Within A Relationship

Sure, maybe when you ask your current boo to call you a “dirty little whore” in bed, he might become a bit concerned (at least if he’s a nice guy). But, being able to ask your sex partner for what you want is exactly what you should be doing. Once your man starts doing it and realizing how much it gets you off, he’ll like doing it as much as you do.

4. It’s The Best Time To Let It Out

Maybe you’re a little bit shy, and even though you fantasize about saying filthy things in bed, you end up backing out before your big debut. When you’re achieving orgasm, it’s one of the times you will feel the least self conscious due to the neurochemical oxycotin being released in your brain. If you’ve ever noticed that sometimes you’re yelling obscenities during sex and sometimes you’re quiet as a mouse, it probably has a lot to do with how much you’re enjoying the sex.

What are some of the hottest lines you’ve used to get things going? Sound off in the comments below!

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