13 real tales of horrific sexting mishaps

When I was in the seventh grade, a sweet and innocent classmate of mine sent a painfully awkward topless photo to her boyfriend.

Like most nudes that are sent in middle school, this photo was quickly distributed to every guy in the grade, then every girl in the grade, then every guy and girl in the nearby school districts, and then somehow, parents found out. Soon, both the girl and the guy were suspended, and every one of us had an impromptu assembly on the dangers of sexting.

Yet, the older and wiser I’ve gotten, the more and more I seem to engage in sexting. Whether I’m at work casually texting my boyfriend about what I’d rather be doing, or I’m taking a quick nude selfie before going to bed, I’m probably way too careless when sending pictures of my naked body or describing my blow job skills in graphic detail. Even sexting my manager my senior year of high school didn’t seem to deter my habits.

But, if you can’t kick a habit, you may as well laugh about it. Read on to hear about horrific tales of sexting mishaps from girls like you, and maybe you won’t feel so bad about that one time you sent your sister a pic of your ex’s dick.

1. Like Father, Like Son

“My boyfriend and his dad are on the same iCloud. Sometimes their iMessages get mixed up, so I sent a sexy pic to my boyfriend, but of course his dad got it. So now his dad knows what I look like naked.”- Val

2. “Is That Miley?”

“A guy I was talking to took a video of me jokingly twerking on my bed and he accidentally sent the video to his mom. So that was chill.” – Sariah

3. TMI

“My mom texted me instead of her boyfriend. Needless to say, it was inappropriate and I haven’t looked at her the same. This was two months ago and I’m still slowly recovering.” – Cassidy

4. Family Matters

“I sent five different nudes — FIVE — to my family group chat.” – Catherine

5. Risky Business

“My boss (who’s a 40-year-old guy) was texting a guy I knew on my phone once while I was working, saying dirty things, just joking around. All of a sudden, the kid sent me a dick pic. My boss handed me my phone back and said, ‘Sorry.’ I opened it up… and yeah.” – Breana

6. Lost and Found

“A guy who found my friend’s phone over the summer left dick pics on it and denied it afterwards.” – Gab

7. Snapchat Sharer

“I sent my fuck buddy a full nude body shot before hopping in the shower. I have Bluetooth connected to my phone in the shower, so when I got a call while showering, I picked it up. On the other end, my friend was yelling about how I had put the nude photo on my Story accidentally. Needless to say, I jumped out of the shower and deleted it ASAP. Unfortunately, a handful of people had already seen it.” – Steph

8. Juicy Jugs

“So in eighth grade I left my phone in the car and my mom went to go grab it. She saw that my boyfriend texted me saying he loved feeling my juicy tits. Then me, my mom, and my dad had a talk about how I shouldn’t let boys feel my ‘juicy tits’.”- Alanna

9. Crazy Monkeys

“My boyfriend once sent a very explicit sext that was supposed to go to me to his mom. The next day when he finally had the balls to go home and see her, all his mom said to him was, ‘I just hope you two crazy monkeys are being safe.'”- Emily

10. DIY Child Pornography

“I almost got arrested in the seventh grade for sending a nude of mine to my boyfriend, which he then sent to everyone in school. All hell broke loose. My former boyfriend got into a fistfight with my current boyfriend and the principal called my mom in. The cops asked her to identify me from the photo of my ass (which had been found on his iPod Nano). We then had a nice chat with the cops for about three hours because I could go to juvie for ‘child pornography.’ Of course, the other girl in my grade who had sent a nude didn’t get in trouble even though her face was in her photo and mine was just my ass.” – Conchita

11. #TBT

“A boy sent me a nude, and I forwarded it to my friend, saying it must have been old because he wasn’t that fit anymore. I accidentally sent it to him, complete with my shit-talking caption, instead. I found out later that he’d been sending that same nude to girls for about three years.” – Colette

12. Swipe Left

“One time I was texting a guy from Tinder that I thought was cute and I ended up getting really drunk. It got sort of sexual, but some of the responses he was giving me didn’t make sense. He was also saying how he liked me and shit which was a bit strange. After scrolling up to re-read the conversation, I realized it wasn’t the guy from Tinder but one of the fellow interns at my job. I had to awkwardly explain at the office the next day about how the texts were meant for someone else. He seemed disappointed.” – Paola

13. Getting Dad’s Approval

“One time I meant to text my BFF, but instead I texted my Dad asking if it was okay that me and my boyfriend had sex.” – Addie

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