“Netflix + Chill” Is Officially Worse Than “Bae”

American slang is beautifully tragic. From “ratchet” to “twerk,” your grandparents probably can’t understand half of the shit on your twitter. Last year, “bae” quickly trumpeted to stardom, to the point where you didn’t even understand what it meant anymore and whether it was being used seriously or sarcastically. What was once a term of endearment for your significant other became the name for every white chick’s pumpkin spice latte and every sorority girl’s little. I think every girl can agree that if a boy that they were seeing actually called them bae, they’d either laugh in his face or slap him in the face. “Bae” showed us that the reason that slang comes and goes is clearly because a word can be used to the point of over-saturation and annoyance. This is quickly also becoming the case for “Netflix and Chill.”

Like, does Netflix get paid every time they are mentioned on social media? Because that would’ve been a brilliant marketing strategy for them. Just like bae, which was never really a cute term of endearment anyways (we all know guys use pet names like this to avoid saying the wrong girl’s name), Netflix and chilling was never (and I mean never) a desired activity. At least,  not a desired activity to engage in with your significant other (or bae?). I think we all love Netflix and chilling by ourselves, in our sweatpants, hungover, with an entire cheese pizza to ourselves. But having a guy invite you over for a “movie” because he wants his dick sucked and doesn’t want to take you on an actual date? Nah, I’m gonna stay in my own bed with my own Netflix account so I can watch Narcos without a cock in my face..

It’s come to the point where myself and many others have literally received texts from guys asking if we want to “Netflix and chill.” Yes, I’m aware that most of these guys are sort of joking around. But, it’s the same type of joking around that pre-teen boys engage in when they text you saying “we should hook up. lol lol jk…unless you actually want to hook up.”

By feeding into the whole “Netflix and chill” phenomenon, we seem to be convincing guys that it’s totally cool for them to invite us over to “watch a movie.” Hell, we probably have them thinking that we actually prefer to sit through three seasons of Orange Is The New Black instead of getting dressed up and going out.

While Netflix and chilling may be a desired activity when it’s snowing out, when you’re tired, and when you just want to snuggle up with your boyfriend. But if you seriously think that you can start a successful relationship from Netflix and chilling? I pray that your wifi breaks up before your relationship does.

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