What People Really Think When a One Night Stand Forgets Their Name

The first time I met and slept over at my current boyfriend’s house, all we did was make out and get naked after a long night of drinking. In the morning, as we had reasonably casual pillow talk, he asked me if I even knew his name. As I searched my brain for some common-ass white boy name that I knew he possessed and looked through my phone to see if I could find his number on my recent contacts, I sheepishly smiled and admitted that I didn’t.

He knew mine, and I eventually learned his by hearing one of his roommates say it. Problem solved. But it got me wondering: do people really care if their one night stand knows their name or not?

We surveyed 56 men and women aged 18-26 about one night stands about forgetting their partner’s names, and you’re probably going to feel a lot better about yourself after reading the results.

If you’ve ever forgotten a hookup’s name, you’re not alone. 42% of survey respondents admitted to forgetting a one night stand’s name before. On the other end of things, 37% percent of respondents have had a hookup forget their name. It’s likely that this percentage is even higher, because most people probably won’t admit to forgetting your name unless they’re caught red-handed.

So, it’s settled, you don’t have to feel bad about forgetting that kid with a man bun’s name that you hooked up with last weekend, but the question is: would you be offended if he didn’t remember your name?

We found that everybody who admitted to forgetting a hookup’s name said that they wouldn’t be offended if a hook-up forgot their name. It’s always nice to see that people aren’t being hypocrites. On the contrary, those who had never forgotten a hookup’s name (or so they say), would be slightly offended if the person they banged last night didn’t know their name.

Ultimately, only 30% of people gave a definite yes when saying they would be offended if a hookup didn’t know their name, and many preceded this answer by saying they’d only be offended if they knew their partner’s name and their partner didn’t know theirs. “It’s perfectly reasonable to not remember someone’s name you just met after a night of drinking,” says one respondent.

So, what do the forgetful horny people do when they’re trying to remember the naked person in their bed’s name?

Some people admit to using pet names: “dude” or “girl.” Or, they “continue the conversation without mentioning the fact that I didn’t know his name. Try to get it from listening to his friends.”

Some people are honest: “I would just ask them for their name again and say I was too drunk to remember,” says one responder. Other respondents try to get out of the situation as soon as possible, with many saying they would “run away,” “kick him out ASAP,” or “leave immediately and probably cry into cheese fries.”

Others are clearly no stranger to casual sex, or they may just be fuckboys (or fuckgirls)

“I would act like I’m blanking, like when your mom calls you by your sister’s name then your aunt’s name then your dad’s name then the dog’s name,” says one dude.

“I always ask for the person’s name and if they answer their first name, I reply, ‘No sorry, I meant your last name,’ it makes them feel special,” says another.

Other guys tell it like it is: “I’ve done this once or twice before, but I just try to avoid speaking with phrases that involve me calling them by their name in general. Remembering someone’s name is not on the top of my priority list if I’m trying to hook up, its not like I’m planning on running into them later on in life anyway.”

To sum it up with this perfect quote, “Ya know, it happens. Depending on how many guys this happens with, I may have to re-evaluate some of my choices.”

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