17 Guys Tell Us Why They Ghosted After A One Night Stand

Whether you’ve been “ghosted” or not, we’ve all wondered why a guy didn’t text us back.

Did he find a cuter girl after you left the bar? Did you look way more hot-mess and way less sexy than you thought last night? Did he stalk you on Facebook and see that article you shared about Netflix addiction and think you were weird?

These insecurities get even more heightened when you sleep with a guy. If he hits it, quits it, and never calls you again; you obsessively wonder why (for at least the next twelve hours, if not more). While your friends will assure you that he’s a fuck-boy and doesn’t know what he’s missing, you can’t help but wonder if your O-face looks like Donald Trump or if your nipple piercings weirded him out.

While your mother may insist that no guy is going to date a girl that puts out on a first date, we beg to differ (check out some examples here). But that doesn’t mean that every guy you invite over to “Netflix and chill” is going to try to be your boyfriend either.

We asked dudes about one night stands, and why they didn’t hit up the last girl that they “ghosted.”

1. Case of The Ex

“Rebound! It was totally horrible, but sometimes you just let it go.”

2. See Ya Never

“I was graduating the next day.”

3. One Tequila…

“My morning afters are usually filled with regret…tequila goggles are much worse than beer goggles tbh.”

4. True Dat

“Whenever I’ve had sex on a first date, which was only a few times, it’s kind of to set the relationship up as a fuck buddy as opposed to a boyfriend or girlfriend. However, I feel like the closest relationships don’t form until after sex because it kind of breaks a tension that’s always there before it.”

5. Sorry

“Bad sex.”

6. Mood Swings

“I just wasn’t in the mood to get personal with anyone at the time.”

7. Ghostin’

“She didn’t return my texts.”

8. From Fuck Buddies To Gym Buddies

“We decided it probably wouldn’t make sense for us to date, but we still work out together.”

9. Dead Fish

“The sex was horrible, she didn’t seem into it and it wasn’t like I wasn’t giving it a fair go.”

10. Call Me Caitlyn

“I didn’t know her name and didn’t want to make it awkward the next time we hung out.”

11. So Is Your Mom

“Not enough of a chase. Too easy.”


“If it was bad sex it’s off, good sex keep it going. Why wait to find out that you aren’t sexually compatible?”

13. Honesty Is The Best Policy

“It’s not that I didn’t continue to see them. We would hook up more afterwards of course, it’s just I lose any urge to go any further, relationship wise, with that person after hooking up so quickly. No specific reason why that I know of, it’s happened on more than one occasion.”

14. Maybe You’re Not Super Interesting

“We went out for a little, then we went back and watched a movie. We saw each other on and off, but we weren’t super interested in each other beyond that.”

15. Didn’t Know You Were a Hunter…

“Usually, if the girl puts out on the first date I lose interest easily in her because I want something I can work for, and not just get easily… thrill of the hunt.”

16. Now You Know

“The person was terrible in bed.”

17. Blame It On The Goose

“It was fueled by alcohol, and nothing more.”

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