21 Real Reasons Why He Never Called You Back

Your best friend will always be there for you in your heartbreak. Even the most minuscule heartbreaks. You know, those times when you went on a great date and then never heard from a guy. Or when a hottie at the beach asked for your number, but never used it. Your best friend will be there to tell you that the guy must just be intimidated, or you’re too hot for him, or he’s emotionally immature. While these reasons are completely valid used in appropriate context, a lot of them are over-used and downright false. Your girlfriend doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, but these are the real reasons why he never called:

1. The game was on

I don’t care how hot you are, boys will still put buff men in tight pants over you any day.

2. He forgot to put your last name in his phone

…and he already has six “Rachels” on his contact list.

3. He killed his battery

…watching slo-mo videos of Charlotte McKinney jumping.

4. He already f*cked you 

It was all about the chase, and now it’s on to the next one.

5. His ex drunk booty called him

Old habits die hard.

6. Your hot-crazy ratio didn’t seem balanced to him

Or in the words of your best friend, he’s “intimidated.”

7. He heard that you’re a stage five clinger

Don’t forget that he’s in the same fraternity as that last dude you went bat-sh*t on.

8. You drunk peed his bed

It’s probably better that you think he’s just not interested.

9. He isn’t horny 

It’s not a lie that boys think with their dicks.


10. He’s cocky

He thinks he’s hot sh*t, and that you’re going to want him so bad that you’re going to make the first move.

11. He doesn’t want to talk on the phone…ever

He’ll probably snapchat you tomorrow morning instead.

12. Because you made the first move

If you’re the one who keeps texting him first, why should he change things?

13. He forgot

See previously stated how boys think with their dicks…they’re also quite forgetful.

14. He can’t keep all his slam pieces straight

It’s hard enough to remember to call one girl, but if Casanova is sleeping with six, he’s bound to forget to call one of them (if not all of them).

15. You sucked in bed

Sorry, but he doesn’t want a round two with you.

16. He’s trying to impress the bros

Bros before hoes– duh! He’s about to be called a pussy if he calls you in front of his manly man friends.

17. He doesn’t want to sound desperate

As cocky as guys are, if he feels like he’s putting all the effort in, he might back off.

18. You didn’t answer his last call 

I’m all for dudes making the first move, but if he rang once, you can call him back on your own accord.

19. He found a better option

These hoes ain’t loyal. Maybe he was planning on calling you later when he was drunk and horny, but that was before he got picked up by the busty redhead at the bar.

20. You didn’t look like your photos

Yeah, we know you love that pic of you from your high school cheerleading squad, but you’re 22 now– there’s no way you still fit in your size 00 Abercrombie jean skirt.

21. He just doesn’t care

Hate to be blunt with you, but this applies to 90% of the cases. If a guy wants to talk to you, he’ll find a way. If he doesn’t, he won’t.

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