6 Reasons Why You Keep Falling For F*ckboys

The more guys that fuck you over, the more you want to say “all guys are the same” and that you’re “giving up on love.” But let’s be real, there are definitely some winners in there. The problem is that you never are going to find a winner when you’re stuck on fuckboy island. Here’s how to find out if you’re on that island, and how to get off without having to send out an SOS signal.

1. You Only Go For One “Type”

Have you ever stopped and realized that the last six dudes you hooked up with were artists with tattoos who lived in Brooklyn and smoked cigarettes? Weird coincidence? Probably not. We all have certain features that we look for in a guy at a basic level, they’re the same things that determine if you’re going to swipe right or left on Tinder. Maybe if you push yourself out of your comfort zone to date a dude who you wouldn’t normally go for, you’ll realize where the good guys were hiding out all along.

2. You Place Importance On Morning Texts

It’s easy to view certain things as “signs” that a dude is super into you and is a great guy. For example, if a guy buys you flowers or sends a “good morning” text. The thing is, both of these things are pretty superficial and non-time-consuming. A player with money could easily send flowers to all the girls he is dating with one click of a button, and the same goes for that “good morning” text.

Not saying that all fuckboys are determined enough (or smart enough) to send flowers or other “romantic” gestures, but you catch my drift. Try to pay more attention to what comes out of a guy’s mouth instead of empty gestures. If he really listens to what you say rather than sending “good morning” texts, and if he’s there for you when you really need him. Sometimes the guy who has no game is the guy who is actually worth your time.

3. You Only Meet Guys When You’re Drunk

It’s way easier to talk to dudes when you have liquid courage and a drink in your hand. Unfortunately, every dude at the club has a short term goal: to get laid. That’s not to say that every guy who goes out drinking is a fuckboy and will never commit, but if you keep finding douchebags who sleep over and never text you again, you might want to meet guys elsewhere. Dating apps may not necessarily be a better option, but at least you’ll be soberly judging guys before you end up making out with them in an Uber at 3 a.m.

4. You’re Actively Searching For A Boyfriend

An even better idea is to not look to meet guys at all. That can be difficult when you know you’re ready to settle down with a boyfriend, but when you’re actively searching for a boyfriend you warp your own views. Sometimes, you want a man so badly that you overlook a guy’s flaws and start giving chances to guys that you normally wouldn’t hook up with. You may start wishing for every one night stand to be your next boyfriend, when in reality you could do so much better. Instead, focus on yourself and let the right guy come to you when he’s ready.

5. You’re Trying To Replace Your Ex

Breakups fucking suck. If you’re missing your ex bae, it can be natural to try to replace him. If your friends start commenting that your new boy toy looks a lot like your ex, it may just mean that you have a thing for tall guys with long dark hair and baby blue eyes, but it could also mean that you’re subconsciously looking for a replacement.

Sure, you and your ex had great times, but he’s your ex for a reason, and that reason is that he’s not right for you. If you’re still mourning the loss of your ex (even without realizing it), take a break from guys altogether. Focus on your sexy ass self until you feel that you’re ready to get back in the dating game. One night stands can be fun, but it’s no way to heal a broken heart.

6. You Think You’re The Exception

While you may know that you’re a boss bitch with an ass as fine as your personality, you can’t expect a lowly fuckboy to see that. It can be a natural instinct to want to “change” the player and be the one girl that makes him settle down, but why would you want to be with a guy like that anyways? Stop getting caught in the game and realize that you’re way too awesome to be fighting for a man’s attention. In fact, a guy should be fighting for yours.

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