6 Things Not To Do On Social Media After A Bad Breakup

Breaking up is hard to do, and it’s even harder when you are “friends” with your ex-boo on multiple social media platforms. Whether you guys broke up due to a drunken fight about nothing or you found him sleeping with your sorority sister, your reaction (on social media, at least) should be the same. Save the drama for your mama, keep it classy on social media, and get over your ex faster with these tips.

1. Don’t feel weird about unfriending your ex

Un-friending your ex on Facebook can make you feel like the “loser” of the breakup, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Thanks to Facebook’s understanding of bad breakups, you can simply “erase” your ex from your newsfeed rather than un-friending him. You don’t have to do this if seeing his shit doesn’t bother you, but if you find yourself stalking the chick that he just got tagged in a photo with or creeping on his recent wall posts, it’s time to say goodbye. In terms of other social media platforms, just unfollow him. Why do you need to see what your ex is up to? All it’s going to do is make you crazy and/or miss him, two things that you really don’t need to be doing. In fact, the only social media you should keep your ex connected to is your LinkedIn, because shit, doesn’t his Aunt Molly work at Chanel?

2. But don’t delete all presence of him off your social pages 

Unfollowing your ex is a good move to move forward from the relationship, but you don’t need to track backward and delete every #MCM Instagram post or every tagged photo of the two of you on Facebook. There’s no use pretending that your last relationship didn’t happen, and erasing all the old photos of you two off social media isn’t going to make you suddenly forget about him. Instead, live with #noregrets and don’t let the old shit bother you. Besides, it’ll just show your next boyfriend what he does (or doesn’t) have to live up to.

3. Don’t start messaging all his friends

Some of us, and you know who you are, try to make our ex jealous by getting super close with all of his bros. It’s not cute, and everybody knows what you’re doing, except for maybe your ex’s friends who are hyped that you’re finally paying attention to them. Writing “can’t wait to see you this weekend” on your ex’s best bro’s wall isn’t going to make him jealous, it’s going to make you look pathetic.

4. Don’t rely on likes to help your self esteem

If you don’t typically post half-naked selfies (and there’s nothing wrong if you do), you shouldn’t start just because your boyfriend dumped you and you’re lonely. Getting male attention feels good after getting your heart broken, but just like having lots of casual sex after a breakup won’t heal your heart, getting 200 likes on a bikini selfie won’t either.

5. Don’t air your dirty laundry 

Nothing is tackier than someone who shouts out their ex on social media. Sure, maybe your ex fucked your sister behind your back and he deserves to be dragged to hell and back, but posting it on any social media platform makes you look immature and bitter. If you want to talk shit to every chick you know, fine, but don’t go as far as to post an angry tweet to your thousands of Twitter followers. This isn’t middle school and getting likes won’t solve your problems. If you want to get revenge on a cheating ex, find a more creative way to do so that doesn’t make you look like a bully.

6. Don’t use social media as a way to communicate

For some of us, sending the first text message is a death sentence, but sending a casual mass snapchat is totally chill. When alcohol gets thrown into the mix, things get even messier. The main reason that number one on this list is so important is because you don’t want to drunkenly contact your ex or allow him to contact you. Even if you know that you’ll never reach out to your ex again, guys have a way of wanting your attention when you’ve finally forgotten about them. Seriously, the last two guys who fucked me over started sending me shirtless snaps within a month after our “breakup.” While getting a snapchat or a message from your ex may make you happy that he’s thinking of you, it just makes getting over him more difficult. Don’t give him the pleasure of fucking with your head or contacting you at all, block his shit before he can even type up “i miss you.”

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