Unfriending Your Ex? Facebook Now Allows You To ‘Erase’ Your Ex

Un-friending your ex always brings about mixed emotions. If you’re the one to unfriend him, you feel like you’re being a drama queen. You don’t want him to make fun of you for un-friending him, plus you want him to still see all the hot pics that you’re putting up. Not to mention that you still want to occasionally drunk stalk him every once in a while to make sure he hasn’t found a new chick (which will obviously be a downgrade).

If he un-friends you, it’s an equally bittersweet process. Like, damn, he really doesn’t want to see you ever again. But, it also means that he’s probably having trouble getting over you, and needs to block out all photos of you so that he can attempt to stop thinking about you, right?

Once you’ve gone through a break-up in the digital age, you’ll probably re-think ever making a new relationship “Facebook official” ever again. I mean seriously, why do you really need all 2,000 of your Facebook friends (half of whom you haven’t talked to since high school) know about your latest boyfriend? You don’t. And you certainly don’t need random FB friends of yours commenting “sorry boo” on your relationship status once you two break-up.

Facebook seems to have attempted to alleviate the whole drama of un-friending your ex by coming up with a new tool. The next time you change your relationship status on Facebook (which hopefully isn’t anytime soon), you’ll be confronted with three new options that gauge just how much of your ex you’ll be able to see on your timeline. You will also be able to limit how much your ex can see of you on his timeline (that way you can allow him to see the hot pics from your last weekend out, but not the embarrassing emo lyrics you’ve been posting post-breakup). Lastly, you’ll be able to limit the amount of your posts together that your Facebook friends will be able to see. So, if you want to erase all photos of you two together from your new potential bae, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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