The best position for your horoscope sign

Considering it’s almost the weekend, we think you can read about your house of finances looking bad on Monday with your regular Galoroscope. For now, find out what position you should be getting into based on your astrological sign.


As an Aries, you like to take charge as much as you like to have a man that can challenge you. For an extra fiery twist that’s true to your sign, try having your man hold you up for a modification of the traditional girl-on-top, which is also one of your favorites.


Try having your man stand up while you lay over the bed. Feeling his eyes all over your body will certainly appeal to your affinity for feeling worshipped. For a change of pace and an ode to your bull sign, try getting freaky over the couch and letting your partner take you from behind.


Gemini’s split personality means that they’re never boring in bed. Their arms are their erogenous zones, so convincing your partner to give you a brief shoulder rub while in bed will make you go crazy. A Gemini is likely to have experimented with all genders, but if you haven’t, then it’s certainly not to late to try it out.


Cancers make love. Although you put your partner’s needs first generally, you absolutely adore any type of stimulation in your breasts. When it comes to the main event, try something with rhythm and a steady pace, like a spooning position, that will make you feel close to your partner while you get your orgasm on.


If only one of the Zodiac signs could be an adult star, it would be Leo. Leo loves attention and drama, and this is no exception when it comes to their love making. Try getting on top of your man and enjoying his face as he takes in the view, or set up in front of a mirror so that you can enjoy the view too. For a different angle of penetration, try doggy style in front of that same mirror so you can check out that back arch.


You prefer any position that allows you or your partner direct access to it. Although you don’t desire sex anywhere outside the bedroom, have your partner push your limits with some light BDSM.


Libras love to be on top, partially because they’re bosses, but partially because they’re super vain. Try a modified reverse cowgirl in front of a mirror for a position that you’re sure to fall in love with. To appeal to your fairness in relationships, try a standing up position that allows you and your partner to both stand up equally.


Scorpios are known as the freakiest sign in the zodiac, and they’re proud of their reputation. Anything goes for the Scorpio, and they love getting their O on as much as they love to satisfy their partner. This makes 69ing perfect for Scorpio because they can give while they receive. When it comes to the main event, Scorpio takes their partner into a new world. Something simple like girl on top becomes an intimate, soul-merging experience for the Scorpio.


Sagittarius definitely don’t mind being the center of attention, so trying sex in public should definitely be on your list. Sagittarius is also known as one of the most independent signs of the Zodiac, so reverse cowgirl appeals to Sagittarius because they can get it on without much help from their partner. For a challenge, try a face to face position with a long term partner once you finally commit.


Capricorns believe that if it’s not broken, there’s no reason to fix it. For that reason, they love missionary position. Turns out they may be on to something, because it’s been found that missionary is the best position. For a twist, try putting your feet on your man’s chest.


As an Aquarius, you love to try new things, but you are also equally happy to please your partner. Try playing a game with your man where he has to lay down and not move a muscle while you tease him. If necessary and he’s game, tie him up.


As a pisces, you want to feel connected to your partner, which is exactly how you’ll feel with this front-facing crab-legged position where you can look your man or woman right in the eyes. For something a little more steamy (pun intended), try getting in the bath with your partner and taking advantage of that retractable shower head.

All illustrations by Mi Gerer

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