Weekly Horoscopes: April 18-24, 2016

Welcome to Galore horoscopes, where we’ll advise you on whether to expect drama, chill vibes, hot sex, or all of the above over the coming week.

Peep your sign’s seven-day forecast, starting Monday and ending the following Sunday, below. Pro tip: instead of your sun sign, make sure to read your rising sign as it’s far more accurate.



This Monday, powerful Pluto retrograde in your 10th house of career might bring initial setbacks. Don’t panic. Rethink. Analyze. Dive deeper. In addition, check who you can really trust in your field. Somebody you would never think of might be blocking your career path and trying to extinguish your fire. Reflect on the negativity that has made you doubt yourself. Stay confident and never give up.

For the mysterious Scorpio full moon this Friday, I suggest you arrange a  sexual ritual with your lover. I promise you there is no better, sexier Moon, than the extreme Scorpio full Moon that sheds light on our most hidden golden treasures. If you are trying to get over somebody, now would be a good time to work on a banishing ceremony. Out with the old, in with the new.



Happiest of birthdays, dear Taurus!! Exactly, the bright and hot Sun will be moving into YOUR sign this week! You will be the superstar of the month with full cosmic support. Indulge in food, drinks or whatever it is that you love. Taurus people are known to be party animals, especially on their birthdays. With your endurant energy, it is hard to keep up with you. Thank god, you have so many loyal friends, who will probably need a month to recover from your festivities. Let the party marathon begin.

Before the celebrations start, metamorphic Pluto will go retrograde in your ninth house of beliefs. You will be reevaluating religion and spirituality on a very deep level. You might clean your soul through alternative beliefs. Remember: Transform = Reborn. When Pluto goes retrograde in the ninth house, your search for inner truth and peace is vital.

This week’s Scorpio full moon lights up your relationship house. You either will end things for good or you are going to take one step further with your sweetie, by making your bond official. It’s going to be a super special month for you, bday babe!



Fearless Pluto will be reversing its steamy ride through your eighth house of deep sexuality and intimacy. You will get more in touch with your heart’s true desire and subconscious. It can get really dark when transformative Pluto carves his ways through that intimate area of your chart.  Remember, the darkest nights produce the brightest stars.

The obsessive Scorpio Full Moon, by the end of the week, which takes place in your sixth house of routine, will bring you back to basics regarding health and routine.



Birth, death, rebirth — Pluto will be retrograding in your seventh house of relationships, which means you might meet dark powerful personalities now, who will transform your inner core. Cancer Lindsay Lohan certainly has found herself a sexy Ruski, who definitely is very powerful and transforming her for the better, while most of us had given up on her. Love does conquer all.

Lessons about kinship are awaiting you. Are you getting the most out of your romantic relationships? This person who could come into your life anytime now, is going to completely scoure and destroy your previous notions of what it takes to partner. On the flipside it can also spell the end of relationships. I know you’re crabby and attached. Don’t worry, something better is waiting for you.

The passionate Scorpio full moon, will highlight your fifth house of pleasure and soulmates. Try to release that build up pressure. The scorpionic lunar force is going to help you erupt like a volcano. Use your sensual, raw energy between the sheets to get loose and of course to have a lot of fun and laughter. Hot week, Cancer. Sizzling, hot.



Ruthless Pluto will be turning retrograde in your 6th house of order, bringing you a needed period of reflection in work habits and your health. I don’t wanna lie, but Pluto is kind of intense. You might encounter some harshness in your daily work. Your “colleagues” might not be very supportive now. Keep in mind, that these outcomes often work in your favor as they push you to make those needed changes, to become the king of the jungle. Some patterns and attitudes will change. Be aware and positive.

With the watery full moon in Scorpio, this weekend, your attention will be at home. Try to have a nice, home cooked  meal with your beloved family.



Pluto the lord of  darkness is going retrograde in your fifth house of romance and creativity. Old lovers may come back into your life now. With Pluto in the mix, drama is emphasized and a initially not so serious one night stand might change your life. You are going to be attracting scorpionic types who are trying to teach you some lesson. Pluto will make you very mysterious  and attractive to the opposite sex. Don’t forget that the plutonic potency, is active on both sides. You as well, will be able to easily lure lovers into your sexy world. Hehe.

With the intense Scorpio full moon in your communication house you could  post a viral photo or publish some of your work, which you could receive love and praise for. People might get totally obsessed about it . Show the world you are not as innocent as people might perceive you.



Sharp Pluto retrograde prompts us to reflect inwards, sometimes triggering us to change the direction of our lives in radical ways. When in the fourth house of home, anything, be it a move or career change could happen. Don’t try to resist change, it’s just gonna hurt you. Family and careerwise, forceful Pluto is trying to break you up, so you can transform into the best version of yourself and land on the path that is supposed to give you the most magical life.

Friday’s unshakable Scorpio full moon is about balancing give and take and how you share money and resources. You are fair and expect the same from your partner.



It’s going to be a highly scorpio-plutonic week. No problem for you, since you are fearless and used to these beautiful dark and most importantly, real vibes. The sun will be in Taurus your opposite sign, which means the focus will be on your partnerships. Are you going to be in full control or are you ready to let go and relax a little? Your choice.

What an interesting period for you. Your ruler, turbulent Pluto, is going to go retrograde early this week, in your communication house. You hate superficiality and basically, with all this backward plutonic activity in that sector, you might research obsessively online or through reading newspapers and books. As a result, you may uncover new secrets and ways to gain more power.

The ultra potent full moon this week will be in your sign and is going to help you start a new chapter in your life. The new you will feel invincible and ready to take on any challenge that comes your way. Do welcome any kind of transformation.



This week kicks of with driven Pluto moving retrograde in your financial house. Now is the time to sort out the finances. You’ll have time, since slow moving Pluto will be retrograde for a while. You may not like what you see financially. Take this as an opportunity to review and find a better way to handle your money.

With the spiritual Scorpio full moon in your 12th house of the unconscious, issues from deep within might resurface. Be open to whatever comes your way. Sagittarians are very positive and optimistic. If there is a sign that can turn shit into gold, then it’s you. It could also be that maybe a work project reaches culmination now. Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life.



When magnetic Pluto, the transformer, goes retrograde in your first house of self, it is a good time to look for what it is you want to transform. Remember to stay true to yourself and you will reshape into the amazing soul that has been hiding in the dark. Sometimes it hurts to say goodbye to parts of ourselves. Good news: many people who experienced extreme Pluto in their first house, reported to suddenly have lost lots of weight 😉 Pluto is going to stay in your first house for quite some time. You lucky skinny bitch.

Friday’s Scorpio full moon links you up with team players. And with the energy of Pluto ensuring that you have a very powerful aura, you’ll be making those beneficial VIP contacts you’ve been longing for. It is vital for you to surround yourself with like minded people now.



Dearest Aquarius, this week is an excellent time to purge your inner soul. Intuitive Pluto will move retrograde in your 12th house of the unconscious. A lot of passive aggressive energy will be stirred up, like a little storm inside of you. The thing is, you won’t quite know why, since the 12th house also holds the secrets and Pluto is the planet of our deepest most unconscious desires, you mostly even hide from yourself. Do any kind of spiritual meditation. Release those negative emotions inside of you. Try to encode the messages even if they scare you to death. In order to grow we need to face the darkness and conquer our fears. If you’ve been feeling low this is a good time to address the root of your problems. Sometimes we have to face our own darkness in order to transcend into the highest light.

With the magic of the sexy Scorpio full moon, in your 10th house of career, your coworkers might experience your more competitive side. Take care of your reputation and be clever and fair about the steps you decide to take.



When spiritual Pluto goes retrograde in your 11th of dreams, your compassionate nature comes to play and you search for more knowledge in society. You philosophize about what tribes you belong to and  what kind of friends are good or bad for you. You might make up with friends you have had issues with, or you might meet a new amigo, who will transform your belief and value system, sometimes through dark shit happening. It could also be that you might be feeling blocked by people who have control over you. It could be that daily dose of social media, that unconsciously drags you down. If all this is impacting you too much, maybe log off for a while. Go out into the nature and experience real freedom.  

With the emotional Scorpio full moon in your ninth house of spirituality, you were testing your personal beliefs and are now reaching that zen moment. Just look at Pisces super icon Ruby Rose, right now swimming in the heights of bliss. Spiritual epiphany, anybody?

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