No-Duh Study Finds Girls Hate When Guys Say They’re ‘Quiet’ on Dating Apps

If you’re a hot girl on Tinder, you can honestly just put the hamburger emoji in your profile and every single straight guy will probably still swipe right.

As a guy, you have to put a little bit more effort into your dating profile, because most girls care less about your resemblance to Channing Tatum and more about if you’re a fuckboy or a serial killer.

A study done by eHarmony UK on 12,000 online dating profiles analyzed the top words that got men more matches, and the top words that garnered less matches.

Chicks still love a dude who is “physically fit,” which is the phrase most likely to get a guy noticed on a dating app, but I think we can all agree that it’s more about seeing him in photos than him writing it out.

One thing’s for sure, there are also words that will get guys less matches on a dating app. There are likely the obvious “$wagg” and “player,” but there are some words that guys may think are winning women over, when it reality it’s making women run away (or swipe away).

Ironically, some of these words are actually things you would want it a partner, but you just don’t want to see it written out. I mean, seriously, what kind of douche needs to claim that he’s a “good listener” in his dating profile. Wouldn’t you figure it out on a first date? Not to mention that “quiet” is probably the most idiotic thing you could ever put in your profile. What girl thinks of their dream date and envisions her talking for three hours to a dude who only nods and occasionally says “cool?”

Here are the five most hated words dudes use on their profiles.

1. Quiet 

Not everyone is outgoing. Honestly, I’d consider myself quiet. But, think about dating apps like applying for a job. Would you ever, ever market yourself as “quiet” to a potential employer? Fuck no. Nobody likes someone who’s quiet, unless they’re looking for a roommate or a slave. This just makes you look like the type of guy who sits in his room playing graphic video games who could potentially want to cut your arm off and put it in his freezer.

2. Spiritual 

Are you in a cult or something? Or are you going to want to play with one of those chakra dildos? Bye.

3. Respectful 

Who the fuck describes themselves as respectful? The only way you can get away with this is if English is your second language and you got lost in translation.

4. Good listener 

This goes back to number one. We’re not looking for a therapist, we’re looking for a boyfriend. If you’re down to listen to us bitch about our friend-problems or how upset we are with how The Bachelorette is going this season, that’s cool. But seriously, you’re trying way too hard to seem appealing.

5. Caring 

Again, obviously girls want a dude who is caring. But when you put “caring” in your profile you sound like you’re going to lock us up in a tower like Belle and forbid us from leaving or having other friends. We’re not looking for a dad (maybe a sugar daddy if anything) or a babysitter. This is fucking weird and you sound seriously off.

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